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The View from my Bike

There is something in the freedom of the road: it brings out the dreamer in me.

Freshly cut grass, sunshine and birdsong have prompted the first annual outing of my bike from the rickety garden shed. 827 more words


Shannon Bliss

Now, pray tell, why wouldn’t you want to walk all the way to the Shannon to see such a pleasant summer sight?


Spring is late but there are signs!

You may have heard the rumour that spring is here but after such a tough winter, it may not feel like it. So here’s some proof of spring’s arrival. 84 more words

A Writer's Life

Shergar, the champion racehorse disappeared into an ominous Irish fog one February night in 1983 and was never seen again. The scenario was something out of a Hollywood blockbuster: The gloomy dusk of the Irish countryside, balaclava clad men, machine guns and the Ballymany Stud, the Aga Khan’s world class farm with a champion inside “protected” by just a five barred gate and a simple latch. 224 more words


Back in the day there was no such thing as recycling, it happened automatically. There was hardly any rubbish. My grandparents (and yours)were far greener than we will be any time soon. 178 more words


Morning Time

Morning in a chapel yard not far from Dublin.


How To Plan A Trip To Ireland If You Can't Rent A Car

Ireland is an insanely beautiful country, but it’s not the easiest to travel when you’re on a budget and have no idea what to expect. I learned the hard way that you need a plan for getting the most out of your visit to Ireland, so I figured I’d write about some useful tips I learned after traveling around the country for two weeks. 1,519 more words