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What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

Monday morning, the snowflakes are floating down from the white sky. We’re supposed to have a doozy of a snowstorm, but those little flakes don’t seem  threatening right now. 861 more words


Riverdance: "Reel Around the Sun" Irish Dance Pose Pack

New Pose Pack! This one, however, is from Riverdance. The pack is based on the opening number, Reel Around the Sun.

You do need… 170 more words

Irish Dance

Out and About and "Lashing" Out!

Saturday morning! I remember back in the day when these mornings were spent rushing around to baseball, basketball, and soccer games and practices with the boys! 925 more words

Irish Dance

Poses In Action: Dance Above the Rainbow

This edition of Poses in Action showcases a dance that wasn’t in Lord of the Dance, but was added for Feet of Flames. This set uses poses from each of my released pose packs, including my latest.

Presenting; Dance Above the Rainbow

Irish Dance

Feet of Flames 'Dance Above the Rainbow' Irish Dance Pose Pack

Another new pack. Directly inspired by Michael Flatley’s Feet of Flames. This pack centres around the fifth dance number, ‘Dance Above the Rainbow’, a delightful soft shoe dance. 200 more words

Irish Dance

A Rant about Dance Books

In the interest of full disclosure, I meant to write about Pointe, the first novel of Brandy Colbert.

However, I quickly realized that everything I was writing became a dance book rant, so I gave up and decided to (officially) write about the challenges of finding a good dance book for someone over the age of 10. 402 more words

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Irish dance dress - finished

A while back (read, half a year ago) I wrote a post about my plans on making an Irish dance dress for myself. It’s taken a while, but the dress is finally finished! 446 more words