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The Irish 1 - The Vikings 0; Was Brian Boru a Benevolent High King or Terrible Tyrant?

Well, it’s Good Friday, and I couldn’t let the day go by without mentioning the Battle of Clontarf, now, could I? The chances are, if you live in Ireland, you’ll be sick of hearing about it by now. 981 more words

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Irish Celtic Mythology

Such a great people were the De Danann, and so uncommonly skilled in the few arts of the time, that they dazzled even their conquerors and successors, the Milesians, into regarding them as mighty magicians. 830 more words

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Oweynagcat cave,County Roscommon , Into the Underworld.

Oweynagat caves, County Roscommon
Landscape Photography Nigel Borrington

Oweynagat Cave

Oweynagat or the ‘Cave of Cats’ has to be one of the more unusual and unique sites in Ireland. 422 more words


Wheel of Time, Anglo-Saxon Mythology and the Tuatha De Danann

One of the most fundamental aspects of fantasy fiction is of course world-building, but I think it’s important to understand two things about the genre: 459 more words


Would You Eat This?

In a previous post we talked about Irish Bogs and the things found in them, most interestingly, Bog Bodies and Bog Butter, amongst other things. 244 more words

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Why the Iron Age Irish were more sophisticated than Experts would have You Believe.

I apologise for the poor quality of this picture, but I just wanted to bring something amazing to your attention. We always think of the ancient peoples of this world as being less intelligent than us, inferior to us, more primitive than us, less enlightened than us. 203 more words

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Check Out Ali Isaac's Trailer for Her Forthcoming Book, Conor Kelly and the Fenian King


My friend Ali Isaac just made this trailer for her forthcoming second book in her Tir Na Nog series called Conor Kelly and the Fenian King.  409 more words