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Labor of Love

I started writing this post in my daughter’s apartment while watching a pair of male cats and the NCAA Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game. Faith was away, and those boys needed to be fed – they always need to be fed. 853 more words


Choosing your All-Seasons Pointing Birddog – Part I

The adage “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” applies to all canine activities, but probably more to birddog work than to any other. 1,060 more words


Meet Shenron

Name: Shenron

Breed: Irish Setter – Golden Retriever Mix

Born: Unknown. Adopted November 2003.

Died: 27 September 2013, just before midnight.

Cause of Death: Suspected stroke… 455 more words


So What Is This?

Welcome to Canine Knowledge, soon to be filled with posts on everything from dog breeds to training tips, methods, and tricks. Wait, who am I? 325 more words


More Liffey

I’m thinking about illustrating a short story about Liffey using this style. I like how haphazard I can be using this digital pastel brush!

This drawing is of Twoey and Liffey.


Airplane Chaser

Charles came home from work (journal notes from 1980) talking about an Irish setter who had wandered up to the back door of the animal hospital. 740 more words

Oh Bob

I follow Bob Vila on Twitter and there are a lot of days that he has a tip that is spot-on perfect. And then are days like this. 659 more words