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Kafka's on the Stew

She ladles hot stew onto a plain white plate and carries it over to the table. There’s a bowl of salad, too, tomatoes and greens, and a large loaf of bread. 845 more words

Haruki Murakami

Miscellaneous Impressions Upon Leaving Kinsale

1. I knew that German speakers cannot pronounce the “th” sound but didn’t realize the Irish also have this problem. Thank you becomes tank you. If you’re numbering a series of items you get the first, the second and the turd one! 232 more words

Wait, What? There's School Now Too?

When most people talk about summer plans, they talk about how much they slept (well, most university students talk about this anyways), how they spent all summer laid up on a beach somewhere or how they worked 40 hour weeks (or not at all). 1,690 more words