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Irish Stew Recipe

Something to keep in mind for these colder evening meals:

Irish Stew Recipe.



Meat and potato pies are a traditional dish of northern England, especially the counties of Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire, where meat and potatoes have always formed the basis for a hearty meal. 604 more words


Glendalough in Pictures

En route to County Wicklow, home of Glendalough. Here’s the bus going through a mountain pass.

The bridge where PS, I Love You was filmed. 323 more words


Ma Kelly's Lamb Stew

My Ma’s stew is the greatest stew I have ever tasted and I have never, ever been able to replicate it. I gave up trying a long time ago so I just wait until she makes it now and content myself with the very real fact of life…..I can’t make a Lamb Stew as good as my Mummy…………….so this is her recipes and I urge you to try it! 311 more words


Stew - Belfast/Donaghy Style

OK,  you’re all gonna have your own ideas of stew and what goes into it,  but I don’t care.  This is how I make it and it tastes bloody nice! 584 more words

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