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Post-Partum Pregnancy

Your first child comes with many challenges. Mainly, these are unexpected challenges that everyone who couldn’t wait for you to have a baby forgot to tell you. 1,059 more words

Day15-September 11th, 2014: Irish Twins

Today is my older sister’s birthday. Up until today we were the same age. We are only eleven months apart so we are the same age for almost a month out of the year. 318 more words

3 Hearts

Family life is something that I take very seriously. It’s something that I am most proud of. This & spousal relationship. And so, it’s not a surprise when I get really defensive over my family. 487 more words

Irish twins, 9, and brother, 22, found dead in suspected murder-suicide

Twin brothers aged nine were killed and their older brother found dead a short while later in a suspected double…


Irish Twins

Silk raked against sore nipples as mom plodded back to bed.  Her lids crashed over bloodshot eyes.

His uninvited advance elicited growls he mistook for passion.   17 more words

Weekly Challenge Entries

Irish Twins - My Poem of the Day (08/26/14)

My Poem of the Day


Irish Twins

Sisters by blood

Sisters with love

Sisters that no distance destroys

Though tattered and torn

Aching and ailing… 100 more words


3, 2 and under.

1) You will have spit up, pee, or wet dirt on you within minutes of changing your own clothes or theirs.

2) They always poop right after getting a bath. 271 more words