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The Double


The Double


I fail her. We are at war. A war that fuels us both. We are as necessary to each other as air. Twins locked in battle. 378 more words




One for us,

One for them.

Everything a joint decision

To reinforce the old division.

One for me, One for you




Irish or American?

A nation is the same people living in the same place.                   James Joyce

What makes a writer Irish? Or American? Is it residence? Ethnicity? A passport? 332 more words

Blog Sequence No. 1: Beckettian Characters in the pub, LIVE

I am currently sat in a decent pub in Oxford, with a good range of beer, and smart, nicely re-upholstered seating.

For all its pretense, and for all the shininess of the pumps, and the smartness of the seats, there are, just to my right, two figures who seem taken out of a novel by Samuel Beckett. 325 more words


The Word 'Mercy' Was Divided in her Mouth

Ere the action could be perceived, the head was transfixed with a bayonet and a pike, both having entered it together. The word ‘mercy’ was divided in her mouth.

50 more words

Lesley Martin

Three Churches

I. Augustinian Priory

St Augustine, patron saint of brewers,
printers and theologians, is depicted holding a quill,
poised to write, in a stained glass window… 189 more words


SYMPHONY FOR SINGLE VOICE: The late blooming of Eimear McBride

A GIRL IS A HALF-FORMED THING By Eimear McBride          Text, $22.99

Every so often, you come across a “first book miracle” – the novel, turned down by every publisher, that is finally picked up and becomes an international sensation. 1,111 more words