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Horseshoe Bar at The Shelbourne

By the time my 21st birthday rolled around, I had been living in Ireland for 7 months. In those 7 months I had never crossed the threshold of the Shelbourne Hotel. 564 more words

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The Dentist.

Here is what I am grateful for today: feeling in my face. Yesterday afternoon, I had no feeling on the left side of my face including my tongue. 544 more words


Back Again

I’m back. Or still here. I was in the USofA for a month celebrating my sister’s wedding and enjoying family and friend time. I was, as always, sad to leave. 360 more words


My World Cup Final Analysis (...sort of)

Understanding the offside rule has opened up a new world to me. I can confidently scream “OFFSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!” at the screen and then beam with pride that I made that call before the ref and look around the room grinning like an eejit looking for praise… whilst lying here alone sick in bed and streaming the World Cup Final 2014 online. 918 more words

And They Ask Us Why We Wave At Magpies!

There’s a couple of things you miss when you’re away from home. I mean like really miss. Family and friends are a given of course but it’s quite honestly the taste and smells of home that I find myself longing for every so often. 1,443 more words

City Spectacular is Coming!

This July Dublin is going to be celebrating everything that makes it so spectacular. Full disclosure: my wonderful fiancée and his partner are behind this movement (and have been for the past 8 years). 60 more words

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Check This Out!

Though my focus on this blog is certainly food, I do have other interests (shock!). I wrote a review of a review the other day. As you do. 80 more words

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