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Iron Maiden - No More Lies

Iron Maiden – No More Lies.

One of the very few Iron Maiden songs I like. This one is an absolute beast of a… 7 more words


Coming Out Poser: Eight Terrible Admissions From The Depths of The Metal Closet

Rarely do I ever tell the truth on this website. As a matter of fact, the purpose of the site is to declare war on the asinine construction that we have termed reality. 1,324 more words

Articles I Probably Shouldn't Have Bothered Writing

Becoming The Student #10, Ryan Davis

My friend Ryan Davis – metal-head, Jesus-freak, post-punk-boy, husband, and leader – is my next Becoming the Student subject. When he walked into my studio he was carrying the… 536 more words



I haven’t posted a “new” album for a while because I’ve been going through one of my periodic nostalgia trips

Two things have been the inspiration this time. 535 more words

When Heavy Metal ruled the world (or at least my corner of it)

Attics are strange places, chambers set apart for the safekeeping of precious objects and useless heirlooms, where entire realms of time and memory can be hoarded and sealed off from extinction. 1,097 more words

Bent Notes Column

A musical interlude

Sometimes this blogging world leads me down paths I don’t really want to take.  What place does an Ibanez guitar have in a travel blog?  But it is an instrument of great beauty, and though he rarely plays it these days, a treasured possession of my son’s. 252 more words