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Just Hanging Out

This is how a hang a few of my necklaces.

Beauty Nutrition- Foods for Healthy Beautiful Hair

Today’s blog focuses on hair health, a blog series that will be part of my “Beauty Nutrition” segment that I will be further exploring into. Everywhere I go, I tend to always get compliments about my hair whether I am at work, shopping at the mall, or even grocery shopping. 1,207 more words

Wednesday Weights Dumb bells

The class uses dumbbells that range from 5kilos to 15kilos depending on your strength. The first three exercises you can use a heavier weight as they are compound exercises and last 4 exercise use lighter weights more isolation exercises. 73 more words


Muscle & Fitness June 1989

This was the magazine that got me started on my iron journey 25 years ago.

Odd ball photos


I hope that I finally understood what odd ball photos mean.

However, is it possible that there is something unusual here, in Queens?

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