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Ironic but Terrific adieu !


Perth scorchers beat Sydney Sixers in BBL finals 2015, with a thrilling last ball finish!
NOooo….. that isn’t my point!
Yah with a decade into T20s ,seeing nail biting finishes has been digestible that too with too much of leagues like BBL, IPL , SPL, BPL , blah blah blah… 398 more words


It Might Seem Crazy What I'm About to Say

Happiness is not permanent, like all the good things in the world, they never last. This is very depressing to realize. The fact that everyday we strive to obtain this goal that only stays for a moment to then get replaced by sadness, madness, stress, etc. 142 more words

The Laser Horse

A friend of mine requested a galloping horse shooting laser beams from his eyes. The horse itself is a hodgepodge of various references, but it came out quite well considering how rarely I draw animals. 


More brilliance

They say a picture says a thousand words. This was written by my anti bullying mentor. A ‘reformed’ bully herself with sub 70% attendance.

I’m not sure what worries me most. 24 more words


Free Speech.

Free Speech: Do we have the right to say whatever we want to say? In my opinion I think we do not. There is a time, place, and right way to approach someone on their views. 387 more words


r&r diary -- In the T-shirt Biz! - 01.21.15

Legend tells us that the Ramones sold more t-shirts than records. Try it now, go out around town and count how many people, all ages and sizes, are wearing a Ramones t-shirt! 68 more words

Expressionism - 10-29-13

No one needs to be fixed. Broken parts can be utilized more so than the IKEA provided ones. Those are all numbered, lettered, ordered, with no individuality. 108 more words