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Cold hands warm hearts sharpened teeth

You and I and bloody lips

Whitened knuckles, torn up skin

Trembling knees, o sweet defeat.

Through the sky and neath the sea… 79 more words

Pursuit of Happiness

I started out with nothing. I still have most of it. – Michael Davis

That’s a weird quote, it’s funny, kind of, because you picture – whatever you picture that is funny to you.

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German Video of the Week: Hashtag Liebe

This week’s entry is an ironic hipster statement that blends Schlager and various aspects of hipster culture. It features the singer, Davigi Amore, and a girl dressed in a odd (and by “odd,” I mean “fantastic”) blend of hipster staples like nerd glasses, bowties, and sneakers and… 41 more words


Great Judgmnts (400 Words)

whether or not i finish this i would like to announce that I have only been drinking for the the past wo hours. For aomw reason I’ve got Theolius Monk oundng through my speakers and the nonsensical vibe that I’ve got going in is quite appropriate for the time an date that is going on right now. 362 more words

The irony of freedom behind a fence

I love irony and when I found this picture on the net yesterday it really made me smile. The statue of William Wallace with the word ‘FREEDOM’ stands fenced off and trapped and surely this is as ironic as things get? 732 more words


Ironically hypocritical

From a young age, your parents, your teachers, even law enforcement, tell you don’t get into a car with strangers. Yet knowing the dangers of taking a ride with strangers, millions if not billions do it every single day. 158 more words