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Ironman Zurich 2014

Ironman number 3 for me, but the first where I have been part of a team from the club all heading out to do the same race. 5,382 more words


So close now!

Since my first forays into the world of tri, things have moved on somewhat. It seems my “novice” status has been disregarded and bigger (fingers crossed better) things are becoming expected of me. 1,229 more words

In which I do Outlaw.

After a long, long trip up, I finally made it to Nottingham. I figured that as I’m always late for everything and the fact that my daughter woke me and the baby up at 3am the previous night, I’d go up on Friday night and have a decent nights sleep followed by a full day of mincing/prep so I’d be ready for the race on Sunday. 3,212 more words


Growing An Ironman

Growing An Ironman (well, Ironlady)

1 cup dedication
1/4 cup sacrifice
2/3 cup mental toughness
Pinch of crazy

Visiting Lake Placid, New York on July 27th, 2014 left me inspired and wide eyed! 1,204 more words

OHS Mobility Progression fix - Crossfit adventures of an 'athlete'

I have truly enjoyed Crossfit these past 13 months I have been going. I am definitely stronger, faster, and more capable an athlete than ever before. 326 more words

Thorax Trainer, a very interesting triathlon training device

I started swimming late, when I was 20,  it’s my weakest discipline. At first I progressed quickly, but then improvements were much slower. The more time and effort you put into it, the more you improve. 559 more words