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Think Igor Stravinsky. Now read the following:

Reporters are agog  about a solar plant in the Mojave Desert. The plant has more than 300,000 mirrors. It seems that when birds fly through the concentrated rays of the mirrors our feathered friends ignite in midair.* Workers at the plant call them “streamers.” For more, see… 85 more words

'Thought you'd lost your mind': David Frum tries for irony, fails

David Frum, senior editor of The Atlantic, sparked quite a conversation on the limits of freedom of speech when he posited the idea that a senior Dutch government official shouldn’t lose her job for suggesting that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam but instead is… 384 more words



Twitted about The Holy Bible from the Manic Street Preachers – one of the best, most brutally raw & cathartic albums I have ever heard. 13 more words


Review of Year Zero by Rob Reid

Year Zero

Rob Reid

Published 2012

New York Times bestseller


This may be one of the hardest reviews I have done, personally speaking. There is so much I loved about this book, and there was so much that it lacked, and I want to give it certain leeway because of its genre, but I can’t relax… 1,944 more words

Getting Tired

‎Thursday, ‎May ‎30, ‎2013

We were the cause and chaos for our own heart ache but always blaming other for the crime. But maybe it is ironic also to be hating own self and sobbing in our own cut. 52 more words

Diary Irony

This is my first blog post and I have been contemplating whether or not I want to start blogging, but I am tired of talking about things to my husband, to my family, to my friends.  230 more words


I Appreciate The Thought, But . . .

There are times when I want people to stop being encouraging and just be quiet so that I can actually do what they are trying to encourage me to do. 7 more words

Thoughts Profound And Otherwise