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Ejaculating Guilt

Those pills made your cunt stink.
What bullshit, huh?
Something that protects us,
Specifically designed
To make love safer,
Made sex disgusting.

And I’ll admit, 40 more words

Why I Don't Want To Make YouTube Videos - ThoughtsThursday

Recently I wrote a poem encompassing the fear of creating for the consequences entitled: ‘Why I Don’t Want To Make YouTube Videos’. Which did indeed end up on YouTube… … 117 more words


Sattire and tiny truth

You want to hear something funny?

Doc and Marty went to the future, using the same amount of power as there is storage on my little thumb drive. 33 more words

Waynes Random World


“oh, something about more”

it seemed very important, of course,

and its value increased by the moment

(or so it seemed).



came ’round, 38 more words


Only cats have nine lives

What the?..
Waking up,eyes still gluey. So not ready for today.
Arms rising at a slothful pace. A well intended but feeble stretch. His feet not even on the floor yet, surmising that he must not be standing.. 286 more words


Plumber of the Year Award Finalists



Should have measured twice

Apparently, you don’t want anyone seeing your face, but everything else is okay?

The oak seat is a nice touch. 71 more words