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Tips from the Editor – Isn’t It Ironic?

By Kelly Laycock

“I can’t, um, really define irony, but I know when I see it!” –Winona Ryder’s character, Lelaina Pierce, in Reality Bites (1994) 1,340 more words

Tips From The Editor

Arab Dog versus Israeli Dog

The Israelis and Arabs realized that, if they continued fighting, they would someday end up destroying the whole world. So they decided to settle their dispute with an ancient practice: a duel of two, like David and Goliath. 388 more words


Battle wound

I fought the potatoes…and the potatoes won. This little burn wound is about a week old. It looks much more tame than it did initially. 57 more words

there might be books about this, but summarily

to be latvian means to know your pitch from your fork,
to speak a tongue designed for woods and fields,
it means
to have so much history that the present stops… 177 more words