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A Modern-Day Lady's Guide

Welcome to the 21st century. If you think perfecting domestic chores and being demure are all it takes to becoming a perfect lady, well tough luck. 789 more words


Ironic Peace

It is ironic that people sense so much peace around me when there is so much processing going on inside.  And it isn’t disturbing or violent, just constant and dense. 25 more words

Loveless Mrs. Lovett (An Ekphrastic poem of Sweeney Todd*)

Oh, there’s no place like London…

No place like it indeed.
Go and see Mr. Todd for a shave and
end up on the menu. My menu. 196 more words

N.T. Wright on Good Friday

We seem to be hanging out in England today. See earlier Good Friday post.

I put up the lyrics to this song before, and threatened you with a video of N.T. 347 more words


2014 04 18 Poetry: Straight Ahead, To The Left

Straight Ahead, To The Left

Brilliant light coming from a dark room
Colored schemes tangled into a blank document
Hollowed out souls, looking for an over stuffed chair… 214 more words


writing on the wall

Quite the irony to find this outside a bar well past the clock had struck midnight.

Even when the sun was down and darkness had won the war yet again, the fact remains that there is always a shining light in the backdrop of our lives even though it seems as though the situation has stacked all the chips against us. 24 more words