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Future Cynicism

If anyone ever comes after you,

If I suddenly lose you and somehow

Defeat the apathy long enough to move on,


I will laugh in your successor’s face… 72 more words


# 260: What A Nonsmoker Gets Out Of Four Cigarettes.

I did not realize this when I was smoking, but it is true. For every cigarette a smoker smokes, a nonsmoker gets the equivalent of two to three times everything. 169 more words

Writer's Blog

10 Reasons Why We Love Listing Things

Ever notice the amount of headlines that begin with ’20 Reasons Why…”. Yes, they’re those annoying articles that that one friend is constantly linking you. Well, here’s another one! 973 more words

'Cops' crew member killed when police open fire on robbery suspects

OMAHA, Neb. (AP/PIX11) — Omaha police say officers who opened fire while disrupting a robbery killed a crew member with the “Cops” television show and the suspect, who was carrying a pellet gun. 173 more words


The Observer

Every day started the same.

She wandered the lifeless corridors, entering every room one by one, her long dress dragging behind her with a reassuring shush. 2,382 more words


Never Say Never

You know how people are always telling you to “never say never?” I mean that hoodlum artist Justin Bieber even devoted a song and documentary to it. 483 more words


thought thought(eh what's with doc?)

the scientist was responsible for so many deaths,that they decided to call him a doctor.