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Hi y’all!

It’s really rather ironic, how I set up a WordPress account in the hopes of becoming a more disciplined writer, more truthful and less shameful. 442 more words


I am against #GamerGate because...

I am against #GamerGate because it is a hate group, it is literally worse than Hitler, ISIS, the KKK and Sarah Palin. I’m against it because I hate generalizations, inequality, fat shaming, gender bashing: except of course when it’s a group of harassing fat neck-bearded white men who sniff Cheeto powder and live in a basement; there’s a reason that most shootings involve men, because men are murderers – Anita said so it must be true. 219 more words


Strange days, indeed #4

Sometimes I am not sure if something is meant to be ironic or even recognised by the creators to be.  The sighn claims, no one is allowed to dump their rubble there…



Its funny learning that people keep saying how they hate to be talked about behind their backs but they are doing it too. When will you realize that everybody does? 6 more words


ViralAffairs: When A Girl Slaps A Boy For Eve Teasing Both Are Correct On Their Side

Quite an irony. After watching this amazing video you will understand the depth of the video. Say no to eve teasing.
Do share it with your near and dear ones.