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Royal banquet

So my Dad was appointed as Head of Committee for this big royal event, and he’s been busy since February. The event is seeped with tradition, and yours truly has always been rather fascinated and excited by it. 75 more words

Perasaan Hati

Sickness Sorts

Sickness Sorts

By Fault

Ended-9:58 PM

I claim myself not a victim of identity…

Although anonymous is easier to play

To give into the current retching you… 105 more words

Dear Doctors & Med Schools, I Have Something to Say

Setting: Walgreens prescription counter

I hand the technician my prescriptions and she laughs. Yup, she laughs. I ask what’s wrong.

Technician: “You’re going to have to give me a moment, I don’t know what any of these say.” 181 more words

Life Lessons & Rants

The desire to succeed
for the ambition of lazy stagnation,
The bogus acts of selfless virtue
Lured by paradise, under threat of perdition

Reverent awe… 78 more words


Told to Tell

You told me to let go
I kept telling you, “I can’t.”
They told me you were the one
I had to tell them they were right. 99 more words