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W10_NALA_Data Center Project Sensitivity Analysis (With IRR target)

1.    Problem Definition

Referring to the previous paper blog on week 7, 8 and 9, the IRR, ERR and payback period method had proven that the Data Center project is feasible and justifiable to be proceeded.  583 more words

Week 8

#BloodForAlbum: Matt Karmil "----"

Finally an album, which perfectly fits an old, classic and golden sound of Kompakt. Matt Karmil’s “—-“ found it’s place in the Popnoname’s label… 293 more words

Blood For Album

Helicopter Manufacturer AgustaWestland Uses @RISK to Inform Major Company Decisions

New helicopters require large investments in order to design, develop, test, certify and bring the product to market—a process that can last three to five years. 254 more words

Case Studies

Cash on Cash Return vs. Internal Rate of Return

Cash on Cash Return vs. Internal Rate of Return
by James Miller

Cash on Cash
Cash in Cash return, or Return on Investment (ROI)  is the easiest Rate of return to calculate. 405 more words

Real Estate

Tara Wright reblogged this on CREtirement and commented:

At a Meetup the other night with other like-minded real estate investors, we got to talking returns on investment. Sometimes, we get to talking in jargon and sometimes we forget that everyone doesn't have all of the definitions down pat, or they may have forgotten them entirely. I was going to re-create an article addressing the question of cash-on-cash returns vs. internal rate of return (IRR), but why do that when James Miller did such an outstanding job making this complicated topic easy to understand? Enjoy!

Final Thoughts on Kappa: Using Label Mode

This is my last post about calculating Cohen’s Kappa for IRR. Mike from Studiocode reminded me about Label Mode as an alternative to the methods I showed you for adding labels to coded instances at a later point. 72 more words


The time value of money

Sometimes there may be a conflict between what a project is worth now and what it will take to make a return on that project. 674 more words

Mine Planning