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Music Is My Muse

You know…

Growing up, my interest level in lyrically brilliant tunes that tickle the ears of millions was a big, fat ZERO.  I had absolutely no connection to music, and that may be due to the fact that most music lacks some concrete substance these days.   606 more words


Communication In Community


The means by which we speak about stuff.

Pretty simple, right?

The truth is, lack of communication is the leading problem with failing relationships of every form.   467 more words


The State Of Being Irrelevant

What is the definition for the word “irrelevant“?

Not related to or connected to something

For most, the word is negative, and, in most cases, it is.   630 more words


Mini Gangs

i’m 29 and currently at the age where there’s either a wedding or a baby shower every weekend. weddings are fun! there’s dancing, food, drinking and usually, no kids. 218 more words

Election day and another diatribe for you

I sometimes read Libertarian websites. I have one I keep in my RSS feed because sometimes I am engaged by their arguments. I’ll admit that there’s a great deal of what constitutes libertarian thinking that I’m for. 755 more words

Part-Time Something

“You must always know how long to stay/And when to go.”
—Patty Griffin

I give up trying to be important in your life.

There’s a certain comfort in irrelevance.

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"On Wings and Birds," a New Pome by Me.

The simple fact that birds have wings
allows them to accomplish things.
Because, you see, if wings had birds
Well- that I cannot put in words. 105 more words