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Economic Pessimism helps UKIP

John Curtice writing today (16 July 2014) on Democratic Audit says:

The fascinating thing about UKIP supporters is that some of its obvious position,; such as its anti-European, anti-immigration stance, are issues on which it is frankly impossible for the Conservatives to match the UKIP offer.

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Gis a fag

It’s over six years since I stopped smoking. I was always a light smoker and had times where I didn’t smoke at all but I finally completely quit the habit when I met someone who didn’t smoke.   359 more words



your irrelevant opinions

fall on deaf ears;

I would say you would 

realise your teenage stupidity 

over the years,

but you’re just too stupid

to grow up



I get sick to my stomach when I think of you, but I’ve never met you.
I think about what you had, but you’re not with him anymore. 159 more words

Elections and Leadership Lessons - 5. how not to be a mentor

This is a leadership lesson of what not to do rather than what to do. There is a huge surge towards “mentoring” and “coaching” programs in organizations. 712 more words

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The Danger of Irrelevance

It seems to me that atheism is not a particular danger for the church.  Although it is a growing population and the ideas of the new atheists (Dawkins, Harris, et. 451 more words

The Worse Feeling I Ever Had

I had a bad feeling the other day. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. I had never really felt it before, couldn’t really identify what it was. 846 more words