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2014 04 18 Poetry: Straight Ahead, To The Left

Straight Ahead, To The Left

Brilliant light coming from a dark room
Colored schemes tangled into a blank document
Hollowed out souls, looking for an over stuffed chair… 214 more words



Welcome to irelevant entity! Let me just tell you a little bit about irrelevance.

Irrelevance (by definition) is the state of being not relevant or important. 432 more words


Irrelevance, nuisance or hope? - The different opinions about the AAP

No one expected the Aam Aadmi Party to be anything more than a flash in the pan. But their win in the Delhi elections, and their activities thereafter, have made them a force to reckon with on the Indian political scene. 25 more words

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Philosopher and Lobster, Cedric Smith spontaneously and inexplicably dissolves.


Anyone who read my last blog post, entitled; ‘The Sad Departure of a Dear Friend,’ will recall that I ended my rumination on the proverbial escape of Graeme esq. 493 more words


Shit is About to Go Off!!!!!! (In Due Time, Please Be Patient)

Making your first post is always kind of awkward.  The stand-up comedian Stewart Lee once talked about the contrived nature of the start of a stand-up routine when comedians would jump out on stage and break into their first piece of material with no real introduction into what they will be addressing in order to establish flow from the get-go.  254 more words

Brain Dump

Trimming The Fat Of Irrelevancy

I will not die with my words inside me!

That is my motto!

I believe if you care deeply/love someone you should tell them. Last night proved to be a very eye opening experience for me; even in my cider’ed up haze. 243 more words

Wet clay

So this is what it looks like when Human starts to turn last week’s entry into something instructive. She starts by cutting all the irrelevancies. What’s left is highlighted. 275 more words