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Just another Indian Railways employee

I sensed it, before I heard it. There I was standing on Platform No. 1 of Nagpur Railway Station. Checking out which newspaper to buy. I glanced sideways. 801 more words


The Irresponsible 1

1 believes that it is never his fault.  Of course, he’d never actually say that.  He’ll say something about how it’s just his careless actions, his ignorance. 21 more words


Mark Nix Fun Fact #608

How crappy must it be to be a kite? You’re not flying. You’re tethered to a human being, hoping that they don’t get bored, zone out, and release you to either fly into some power lines or come crashing to the ground.And most of the time, the person responsible for your well being is a child. 70 more words

Return of the Ironman...

Humans! I acknowledge that it has indeed been a while since our last literary correspondence, so forgive my absence, I’ve been… about. I warn you in advance that the rant I am going to shout-write may get a bit personal, so many of you might enjoy it since you so frequently claim that I am a stubborn, closed book. 1,229 more words


Why Can't I Let Go?

This is probably going to be one of the hardest posts for me to type. I have long gone through this concept in my head. Over and over again. 3,226 more words


Handbag All Alone

I took this photo of this neglected bag in Starbucks today.

Someone just left their handbag on a chair and went off to line up for coffee with their significant others. 110 more words