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65. It's okay to be poor, better times are coming.

(65th post…probably means I get a WordPress pension or something. At the very least, there’s only 300 of these buggers left, which should be reward enough I guess). 426 more words


Are women naturally good?

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t apply to married women.

There is a common theme among pastors and church leaders that the Bible only applies to men, and women are justified in disregarding it because anything they do that is wrong or that backfires can be blamed on men. 1,194 more words


open letter to the incumbent

Curious the author of what you, as the President of the United States, thinks about concerning the welfare of your own wife and children with the irresponsible decisions made in a consistent manner of proving how delusional you really are? 252 more words

Everyone: Stop Encouraging Bad Behavior

How did we get like this? Not being able to speak up for what we believe is right to our own peers? This overly sensitive, “tip-toe around your feelings” mentality is destroying us. 1,231 more words

Bad Behavior

Missing goggles

My eldest is very absent-minded.  Last Wednesday, she lost her swimming goggles.  Her sister told her that maybe her teacher has it as one of her classmate found a pair of goggles which looked like hers and her friend passed it to her teacher.   236 more words


In Praise of Irresponsible Living

Many of the conversations I have had with friends have, of late, turned toward the dreams we have for ourselves, and what keeps us from pursuing them. 546 more words

Dreams And Aspirations

Are we Enabling our Children to be Irresponsible, Self-centered and Lazy?

When we give our kids everything they want and do everything for them are we enabling them to be irresponsible, materialistic, self-centered, lazy and immature?  As a parent we should provide our children with the necessities such as food, clothing, a place to sleep, and a roof over their heads.   469 more words