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Update #2 from Jak City

So today is my second week here in Jakarta and exactly ten days since i first started my internship. I have a lot of things i want to talk about and a lot of things have happened since i got here but i haven’t been blogging much considering i haven’t exactly had much time to myself to¬†even gather my thoughts. 1,855 more words


This sadly sums up media's irresponsible Ferguson reporting brilliantly


I wonder if the media swarming #Ferguson ever stop and ask if they are escalating the situation—
Conn Carroll (@conncarroll) August 18, 2014

Survey says “no.”

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Inflammatory! Could mace boy Chris Hayes have made a more irresponsible Ferguson tweet than THIS?

That couldn’t have happened, could it have? Oh, yes. It did.

I'm looking at what appears to be a dead body in the middle of Chambers— …

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July 30, 2004 - Birthday aftermath

Yesterday I thought I had a bit too much fun at karaoke. This morning I realized how badly I had overdone it. I was sick in the morning in between birthday phone calls from home. 57 more words


Sick Of It. So Sick Of It.

While scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning I came across a link to a blogpost. Now that I am back on the Android OS, I have been looking for more Android related blogs/sites to subscribe to so I clicked the link. 684 more words


Really? You're gonna drive your spiffy new Acura like that?

A big “thank you” to the drunken woman who was weaving in and out of our lane for a good 3 miles behind me on my way in to work this morning. 114 more words


These days are getting are getting harder and harder for me to be understanding with my mother. Her and I share a bank account, much to my dismay, but for awhile it was something that we had to do. 442 more words