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A hundred thousand hours

The average person spends half his waking hours at work. That translates to approximately a hundred thousand hours in a lifetime. This means that we should at least buy a comfortable office chair, but even better advice; don’t pursue a career. 339 more words

How Do You Solve Poverty? Easy as 1,2,3...

The other day this book came across one of my social media feeds. The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solutionit sounds reasonable, why wouldn’t we want to read a book offering a solution to poverty even if the subtitle is a little hyperbolic. 691 more words

Serious Stuff


Some people don’t want to accept that the actions they did caused the situation they’re in now. So the memories they conjure up are those of themselves being the victim. 120 more words


What Was the Point?

I find myself at a loss the last few days. Ashleigh will officially be evicted from her apartment. The one she’s had since June 1st, 2014. 1,151 more words


Some thoughts on the Myth of American "Exceptionalism" and why I am not proud to be an American (and I'm not even a left-wing nut job)

Recently Fox News’ Megyn Kelly made headlines by interviewing Bill Ayers, one of the many controversial figures from Barack Obama’s past.   Ayers is a former member of the Weather Underground Organization who, even at the ripe, wise age of 70 offers no apologies for his participation in bombings and other acts of domestic terrorism during the mercurial decade of the 1960s. 944 more words


Hell Isn't Meant For Children (You're Wrong Pat Benetar)

The last few days have been absolute hell. It all started two days ago, almost. (I say almost because we didn’t leave the apartment until late morning.) Ashleigh accompanied us to my in laws, as she was bored and pretty well driving Eric and I nuts. 2,079 more words


The Senator - This WAS considered to be the largest tree of its kind in the USA.

Many say drugs are not harmless or that they are not as problematic as many others thing. 

Well, allow me to introduce you to the Senator in Longwood Florida.  192 more words