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Bleh, I always feel reluctant to initiate conversations with people.

Last year, I would always, always ask people to eat with me and go out places. 202 more words


Anytime a good idea or philosophy for any aspect of life comes around, people have this way of ruining it by being really… FUCKING… irritating about it.

Rambling Ruminations

T n T

This post brought to you by the letter T.

My top ten list of things I hate that start with the letter T.

1. Taxes. I work hard for most of my money. 664 more words


🌑the most irritating people🌑

Hi lovely ones!
I need some inspirational help here; what is the most irritating kind of behavior?
I’m working on a new project and I need y’all to help me out ;) what type of people do you really wanna… 7 more words

Things that irritate me

I feel the need to express my frustrations and what better way than to list all the things that annoy me.  So here it is: 194 more words

Parenting Articles

Quotes… Inspirational or irritating?

It doesn’t matter where you look nowadays; Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook- quotes seem to be everywhere! Whether it’s the #ElleInspire tweets, a motivational Facebook status by a teenager quoting a celebrity who died years before they were born, or an #instaquote layered over an indie-inspired picture, our social-media led lifestyles seem to be littered with quoting and re-hashing other peoples words. 222 more words

The Smelly Lunch

Sick of these office heroes who insist on making a big show of eating lunch at their desk to prove how “hardworking” they are.

However, much worse than these pathetic overachievers are the ones with the audacity to bring in a smelly lunch with offending odors that linger much longer than the time it took for them to leisurely browse CNN. 117 more words