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Why I Hate Going to the Cinema...

I understand the appeal, don’t get me wrong, the atmosphere, the excitement, seeing a film before anyone else, Blah blah blah. But there are just so many irritating things you have to endure when you choose to go to the cinema. 433 more words

Oh How Cute, You Think You're Funny

You know what types of people I find annoying? The ones that treat you like a toddler when in reality, you are only younger than them by a year or two. 276 more words

Stupid Rants

Dear Children

Dear Children,

Please don’t leave your sticky food all over my desk.

Please don’t put your fingers in your mouth and then smear them all over my desk. 283 more words


The Art of Sickening/Evil/Mushy/Irritating Characters

To be honest, I really don’t know anything about making characters that are so mind-numbingly irritating that you just want to go into the book and punch them in the face; perhaps torture them a bit by . 486 more words


The Interview

Allow me to begin by explaining I never once thought I could possibly enjoy being a waitress (spoiler: I got the job) but it is such an incredible and fun job. 369 more words

Boss Talks

Extremely Irritating Thing

For some time now, Extremely irritating thing or the EIT has an unwelcome place on my shoulder. It promptly pops up every time there is a new problem in my life. 100 more words


Just because everyone's doing it on Facebook

My news feed is filled with Gaza related statuses and most of my native buddies have replaced their pouty-faced profile pictures with others that show support for Gaza. 601 more words

La Vie