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Guess Who Found Lois Lerner's Missing Emails?

Yup. Remember Lois Lerner? She’s the wicked witch of the IRS that was at the heart of denying and slowing decisions on granting tax exempt status to conservative groups all across the country. 344 more words


30,000 IRS/Learner Emails "Discovered"

…on the eve of “Bamnesty:”

Probe into IRS scandal may have recovered up to 30,000 Lerner emails

Federal investigators have told Congress that they have recovered data that may include lost emails from one of the pivotal figures in the controversy over the Internal Revenue Service’s treatment of tea party groups, congressional aides said Friday. 66 more words


The IRS has recovered 30,000 of Lois Lerner's missing emails

 After claiming for months that Lois Lerner’s lost emails were most likely gone for good the IRS has notified Darrell Issa that they have recovered up to 3o,ooo of the emails in question. 161 more words


Impeach President Obama Why When Where and How

In America today just like in Lake Woebegone every child is above average and every child gets a trophy.  We may score low in international grade comparisons… 1,584 more words

Dr. Robert Owens

The IRS never looked for Lois Lerner's lost emails

 Before I get into this post I wanted mention that Eric Holder used election day to dump documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal, if you missed that story you can check it out… 560 more words


Obama can veto bills, of course, and he surely will. But what he can't do is shove insane, left-wing nonsense down the nation's collective throat. That's over


Dan Calabrese on Wednesday November 5th, 2014

The American public realized not long after the 2012 election that they had blown it. Given the opportunity to fire Barack Obama and turn the federal government back in a wise direction, they should have seized the moment and done just that. 755 more words