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Microsoft Sues the IRS | Windows IT Pro

Microsoft launched a federal lawsuit against the US Internal Revenue Service, accusing the agency of not fulfilling its legal obligations under the Freedom of Information Act.

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From Wall Street to Canfield Drive: The Common Thread

What do all of these recent events of civil unrest and protest have in common?  From Tea Party rallies and Occupy Wall Street protests to the standoff at the… 513 more words

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A new IRS scandal

The Obama administration has admitted in court filings that the IRS shared taxpayers’ information with the White House, to the tune of 2500 documents. A court earlier shot down the administration’s effort to withhold the documents, and their very existence.

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Johnson has been London’s mayor since 2008 and is even planning on running for Parliament.  His big mistake was being born in New York, though. Even though he moved at age 5, the US government…

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Due Process

from Alphecca

Civil Asset Forfeiture

The Washington Post has been running a very good series of investigative reports on how police departments around the nation have been…

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Profits up at nonprofits: A post-recession recovery

A report on nonprofits’ unrelated business income out in the Internal Revenue Service’s SOI Bulletin this fall shows a rebound from 2009 to 2010. The total had slipped from 2007 through the recession. 66 more words