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Tax-time thoughts: now with slightly less incompetent accounting!

I have survived, I think, another tax season as a self-employed individual, and I’m increasingly convinced that if I keep doing this I will someday know what I’m doing. 328 more words


Newly released e-mails confirm IRS and Justice Department corruption in targeting Obama's political opponents.

Corruption: New emails show that both the IRS and Justice Department were involved in a probe of Tea Party and other conservative groups. This is no mere scandal — it’s a major breach of the law.

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Fifth Amendment

In recent news members of both the Federal Government and the New Jersey State Government have invoked the Fifth Amendment when brought in to testify regarding their own suspected misconduct. 1,057 more words


Non Military Federal Agencies Purchasing Fire Arms & Ammunition

After the recent show down in Nevada between the BLM and Cliven Bundy and his supporters you start to wonder what other agencies of the federal government are armed and dangerous. 173 more words

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Ron Paul, IRS, Liberty, And Donor Information

Ron Paul?s Camapign For Liberty has been fined already for refusing to turn over its list of donors to the IRS. What this amounts to him saying is ?hell no? 46 more words