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Would I Give Up The Last 2.5 Years?

There was a moment today where I caught myself yet again thinking about an unhealthy relationship I was in a few years ago.  It is a continual struggle to let go of my desire to return to that relationship, particularly in times of loneliness and feelings of disconnectedness.   277 more words

By Sojourner

Like Crazy


I have never seen the movie Like Crazy. I have, however, seen the trailer. I have heard the movie was horrible. So I continue to watch the trailer, because the trailer, without doubt, makes it my favorite movie ever. 387 more words

College acceptance letters

As I scroll through my Facebook news feed, a post from my friend Kanu catches my eye: “Happy to announce that I will be joining Cornell’s class of 2018 as a chemistry major!” … 292 more words

Scared and Tired

   I find my self to scare to go on. Is it worth it? I don’t know…

They talk to me like if I’m an adult and yet in my mind I find my self-being nothing but the child I’ve always been. 372 more words

Every Day Life

pushing through the mountain





can’t breathe.

no end in sight.

Ever felt that way?

That is how I have felt the last two weeks. The last two weeks were an accumulation of the start of this year… … 349 more words



From the Magnificat:  by Caryll Houselander,1954, was a British mystic, poet, and spiritual teacher.

“Obedience means the fullest possible surrender to God’s will,  the acceptance of his law as the irrevocable plan of our own lives, so that all our emotion and passion and tenderness are strengthened, restrained and made holy by it. 341 more words


College: What's it really about?

Ah, college.

Growing up I always knew I would attend, but I just wasn’t entirely sure where.

I certainly didn’t know what I would study. I finally decided on a Bachelor of Business in Administration, but only because you really can’t go wrong with one. 557 more words

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