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VIDEO: NBC's Richard Engel Describes The Potential Trap Destroying Of ISIS In Syria

When the talking heads at NBC are critiquing your performance…

The language is a bit tepid for the apoplectic talk coming from the former Ambassador to Iraq and Syria, Ryan Crocker, but in this segment, NBC’s Richard Engel distills what happened in Syria in the last eighteen months to two years, and the frustration he and his media colleagues feel at the inaction of the Obama Administration.   186 more words

Islam: The Peaceful Religion

A conversation with Ashraf Rifi about the IS flag burning.

Conversation with Rifi :

Lebanese Ctizen : “Alo ? Yes, how are you minister, have you heard about the beheading of the Lebanese Soldier ?” 132 more words

Comments On Events.

"...a year from today--'What was ISIS again?'" Mark live on the radio

I believe that ISIS or ISIL or IS or whatever it’s being called is not anywhere near the threat it’s being cracked up to be. In a live broadcast on KQV Radio in Pittsburgh a few minutes ago, I challenged listeners to make an entry on their calendars for Sept. 29 more words

The World Against IS

It has become popular, in some circles, to refer to them as “the Orcs.” And not just because it’s easier than using their frequently changing English titles – ISIS, ISIL, or simply the Islamic State – but also because their swarms of black-flagged militants, in their campaign of territorial conquest driven by mass ethnic murder, rape, crucifixion, and beheading, resemble not so much anything in modern human history as some spectacle out of J.R.R. 828 more words


Doctrinaire Hypocracy

This is how the Syrian Rebels reportedly looked when we (the West and CIA) first funded them  (This photo looks perfectly ‘staged’ to me) 478 more words

War/ Terror

Historical Truth: Jihad vs Crusades

I am getting quite a few inquiries and invitations to speak to groups who are looking for information on the recent developments in the Middle East. 342 more words


Preparing for University: The Computer Conundrum

So, as the title suggests I am currently preparing myself for university. My current query for the day is what computer system to use day to day while at university. 400 more words

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