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"I'm Talking About..." Shaft's Upcoming New Comic Book

It’s true, almost 45 years after his initial appearance on silver screens, the black private dick who’s a sex machine to all the chicks will be getting his own comic book. 348 more words


johnlink ranks ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS (1993)

Two of my favorite movies, as I hit my teens, were PRINCESS BRIDE and ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS. Cary Elwes was my favorite actor for quite awhile based solely on the fact that he was in the lead in both. 625 more words

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A Healthy Walk

The latest arrival to the menagerie, Shaggy, went to the vet yesterday. No big deal you might think. But I had to walk him there, from the farm to town. 360 more words

bizarroMUSIC: Do Your Thing / ISAAC HAYES


Say what you will about Uncle Ike, with his Scientology and penchant for gold chains and dodgy bodyguards, but Black Moses never ever compromised his ‘thing’. 259 more words


Today's New Track | Huon Kind's "Stay The Same"

No one person will ever fill the absence of Isaac Hayes. Instead we are dependent on the savviness of the many; those with enough soul and under-the-sheets sweat to ever slightly slip into… 136 more words


Isaac Hayes / Randolph and Dearborn

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out this smooth track from the late great Isaach Hayes along with the Movement!!  with a track called Randolph and Dearborn. This is from the Tough Guys movie soundtrack.

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