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My Journal July 26, 2014

There are so many pictures and also reports about cruelty in the world, be it now in Ukraine, Syria or Gaza or somewhere else. They are horrible and I can’t see them, they make me cry. 1,427 more words

Isabel Henn

My Journal July 24, 2014

It was a hard evening yesterday, suddenly I had much pain in my back and my left kidney region. I thought about it and came to the result that there were more old energies coming up to be released. 794 more words

Isabel Henn

My Journal July 22, 2014

I am very emotional today and easily crying. I watched a video where an abandoned dog was rescued and found a new life.

And then another video, several situations in which Jesus is at the side of people, helping, guiding, protecting them. 1,294 more words

Isabel Henn

My Journal July 20, 2014

I feel better today. I am releasing.

Yesterday I was a bit down, my twin told me it would come partly from all the happenings in the last weeks and the other part from the passing of Bobby and that I should allow me the time to mourn. 1,147 more words

Isabel Henn

Bobby in memoriam 01. Juli 2014

My beloved son and dog Bobby, a German Spitz has gone this morning at around 5:15 am.

He was not only our 4-legged companion for 13,5 years, he was also our beloved family member. 424 more words

Isabel Henn

La Madre Divina ☆ a través de Isabel Henn ~ Un Tsunami de Amor y más Códigos de Sanación 4 ~ 21 de junio 2014

(Editado y traducido por Tony de Pablo)

Mi amada hija, les pido que hoy en su Solsticio, que abran su corazón de par en par para recibir las energías que fluyen hacia ustedes. 517 more words

Isabel Henn

Tsunami van liefde en meer genezingcodes 4 - De Hemelse Moeder door Isabel Henn 21 juni 2014

(vertaald door Peter S van der Kruit)

Mijn geliefde kind, ik vraag je vandaag op jouw Zonnewende om je hart wijd te openen voor de energieën die naar je toevloeien. 467 more words

Isabel Henn