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Day 8 Weigh in and Measurements

Ok!  Not too shabby! Liberated 5 pounds since Day one and 12.5 inches!!!  I cannot get over the inches.  By the way – saying I liberated them on purpose.   210 more words

Tomorrow is Day 8 - Have to measure and weigh in.

Also – my IsaDelights came in.  I think they will be a huge help with the next cleanse!  Today I had my meal at lunch.  I kind of liked that. 178 more words

Isagenix is not for me

Ok, maybe that’s a strong statement.  It MAY not be for me.

You see, I hear all the success stories – including my own sister – people who have lost 10-20-40 pounds doing the 30 day Isagenix system.   837 more words


Cleanse Day Two (Day 4) and Day 5 (most of it anyway)

Cleanse Day 2 was so much easier!  It is absolutely amazing how the body adjusts.  I mean think about it.  I did not have any solid food to speak of (After the hot dog debacle) from about 1 o’clock on Saturday until this morning.   115 more words

Taking the Isagenix plunge

Today is the day I decided to sign up as an Isagenix Associate. My primary goal is to lose the 25 lbs I’ve managed to gain in 5 years of married bliss and working a desk job. 63 more words


The Program Commences

It was as if Christmas had come.  Both my children pawed greedily at a box that 40 years ago might have contained Scalextric, Striker or a small bicycle.  790 more words

Survived Day One!

Well, I survived Day One!  It was hard!  Got really hungry in the afternoon, so I had two slices of roast turkey – small slices, and then had a snack bar (Isagenix).   232 more words