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BYE, BYE 280's!!

Finally broke out of the 280’s!  Down to 277.  Pretty psyched to see that jump this morning!  Have started eating my main meal earlier in the day.   97 more words

Day 8 Weigh in and Measurements

Ok!  Not too shabby! Liberated 5 pounds since Day one and 12.5 inches!!!  I cannot get over the inches.  By the way – saying I liberated them on purpose.   210 more words

Tomorrow is Day 8 - Have to measure and weigh in.

Also – my IsaDelights came in.  I think they will be a huge help with the next cleanse!  Today I had my meal at lunch.  I kind of liked that. 178 more words

Isagenix is not for me

Ok, maybe that’s a strong statement.  It MAY not be for me.

You see, I hear all the success stories – including my own sister – people who have lost 10-20-40 pounds doing the 30 day Isagenix system.   837 more words


Cleanse Day Two (Day 4) and Day 5 (most of it anyway)

Cleanse Day 2 was so much easier!  It is absolutely amazing how the body adjusts.  I mean think about it.  I did not have any solid food to speak of (After the hot dog debacle) from about 1 o’clock on Saturday until this morning.   115 more words

Taking the Isagenix plunge

Today is the day I decided to sign up as an Isagenix Associate. My primary goal is to lose the 25 lbs I’ve managed to gain in 5 years of married bliss and working a desk job. 63 more words


The Program Commences

It was as if Christmas had come.  Both my children pawed greedily at a box that 40 years ago might have contained Scalextric, Striker or a small bicycle.  790 more words