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ISE Client Provisioning and Regex

I’m working on an ISE project with MDM integration and wanted to lab up some of the use cases before working directly with the customer.  One of the steps in the process is to get the device on-boarded with ISE (before the MDM registration check).  332 more words


Talk about Innovation

“Innovation” is a beautiful word, I had such illusions that the world is gonna change when people are talking about it. Maybe it is overstated but look at the environment around, it is changing rapidly. 361 more words


Pseudohyponatremia: Is This Sodium Really Low?

Periodically I get a call from a clinician saying, “What’s wrong with your sodiums?” In general, this call is triggered by a sodium <125 mmol/L. My first response question is always: What are the child’s protein and/or lipid levels? 439 more words


The PowerShell advantage: debugging anytime

Today I was reminded of a great PowerShell feature: I can even debug script on a production server. Take that, compiled C# program!

The system administrator installed scripts I devised to update SharePoint online User Profile properties in bulk, but something failed in our tests. 52 more words