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Giving the PowerShell ISE a major upgrade

Time for something a bit different in this post. I do most of my PowerShell script development in the built-in ISE. 1,555 more words


Changing to Powershell ISE

I have had a constant problem with AdminScriptEditor.  For whatever reason, it will format certain lines which break up my variables (IE.  $  variable).

In a moment of anger, I decided to start using the Powershell ISE.  63 more words


Dublin | Ireland

Travel Log:

Before: I was in Scotland before Ireland. I went there on the MV Explorer through Semester at Sea.

During: We went and checked out the Laffey River, the Guinness brewery, and did some bar hopping to say the least. 156 more words


Xilinx ISE Project에서 ngc 파일 추가하기

Xilinx ISE 에서 ngc 파일 사용하기 :: 공돌이 카페


특정 IP나 module에 대한 합성된 ngc 파일을 가지고 있다면, ISE project에 간단하게 넣어서 사용할 수 있다. 52 more words


In Society's Eyes, Chapter one: The Battlegrounds



I am who I am. Nothing can really change that. I can act as if I am changed but I really am not changed at all. 6,242 more words


Taking It Ise

Term has started now so there has been an influx of foreign exchange students to keep me company, most of whom can be found straining under shopping loads whilst consulting maps with quizzical expressions. 1,150 more words


ISE To Launch Another Options Exchange Platform

Below courtesy of extract from Bloomberg LP 29 Sept reporting.

International Securities Exchange Holdings Inc. applied to create its third U.S. options exchange, to be called ISE Mercury. 161 more words

Strike Price