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Xilinx Zynq-7000 개발 환경 세팅

Xilinx에서 출시한 Zynq-7000을 사용하고자 개발 환경을 세팅해보았다. Zynq-7000은 All-Programmable SoC이다. FPGA의 programmable한 특성, CPU의 processing 능력을 모두 얻고자 SoC로 통합한 것이다. 우리 연구실에서 갖고 있는 Zynq-7000 개발 보드는 … 345 more words

1) Computer Engineering

Onani Master Kurosawa (2007)

Alias: Masturbation Master Kurosawa


Description: Kakeru Kurosawa is an antisocial junior high school student. He rarely associates with his classmates, and he looks down on them. 114 more words


In Society's Eyes: Chapter 3, Existential Normality’s

I was in the shower. Just laying there. I woke up to the yelling of my mother for me to get out. I felt tired. Exhausted seems like a better word. 2,380 more words


Where Lotuses Go to Sleep

Even though Winter has arrived, the weather is still warm. It gets to up to +8 degrees during the day. Lotuses on one of the lakes in Primorsky Krai normally get covered in a thick layer of ice. 50 more words


In Society's Eyes: Chapter 2, Let Me See

Chapter Two: Let me see

I woke up to Kristen poking me on the shoulder muttering “Get up, get up!” It felt like it had been hours since I had fallen asleep on the bus heading home, but no, apparently it had only been around 13 minutes. 3,074 more words