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Joomla Query How to put a php var inside where statement

This is a code i wrote for a module in joomla. I take the $articleid var wich contains idnumbers seperated by “,” . I explode it and find the number of ids the user gave and after that i will just echo every single information about each article. 172 more words

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javascript inside an eternal loop php code doesnt work

            <img id="adtv" src="img.png">
while(x==1) {
   $now = date('G',time());
   $start = 12;
   $end = 13;

  if($now >= $start && $now <= $end):
     echo '<script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById("adtv").style.display="none"; </script>';
     echo '<script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById("liveTV_api").style.display="block"; document.getElementById("adtv").style.display="none";</script>';

     echo '<script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById("adtv").style.display="block"; document.getElementById("liveTV_api").style.display="none";</script>';



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Rivendell, Isengard and the river Anduin

September 24th – 26th
Yes, I had some more filming locations on my list!
Call me crazy if you want to, but I’ve found filming locations to be an ideal indicator for wonderful pieces of nature and so far, I have never been let down! 1,149 more words


Bruchtal, Isengart und der Anduin


24. September – 26. September

Ja-ha, schon wieder Herr der Ringe!
Was soll ich sagen – ich bin einfach ein Fan und bisher waren Drehorte auch immer super Indikatoren für herrliche Landschaften! 1,134 more words