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Taking a (trip to) Bath

Yes I know I’m the first person to ever make that joke.

Anyway. A few weeks ago, I got an email about an international student trip to the city of Bath, to visit their famous Christmas markets. 1,080 more words


Festivals, Performances, and School Activities

Seeing as it has been about three weeks now I figure now would be a good time than ever to update this travel blog. So let me begin with the Inuyama Fall Festival. 617 more words

Tallin, Estonia

If you look closely at the photograph of the back of a few houses you can see two Estonian girls sitting at their open window. They watched us throw snowballs for fifteen minutes or so. 45 more words

The Plymouth Proprietary Library

Before I get started on the main body of the blog, just a quick general update. I’m doing really well! I’ve just finished handing in midterm papers and can relax a little bit. 677 more words


Settling In

Because we rolled into town at about 5:30, most of the stores where I might have bought anything but food were closed. Already, I was suffering from the painful lack of Walmart. 882 more words