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Chanos Goes for Chinese Large Caps

Chidem Kurdas

Renowned short seller James Chanos has been famously bearish on China for several years. 331 more words


Thailand ETF - Investors Love This Year's Coup

Since 1932, twelve coups took place in Thailand, with the latest one in May when general Prayuth Chan-ocha overthrew the government of Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan and announced a temporary government with himself as a prime minister until the next constitutional elections. 421 more words

Emerging Markets

Key Differences Between Two Flagship Global EM ETFs (Iconographic)

Global Emerging Markets are one of the most popular and volatile asset classes at the same time. They are a great investment opportunity which can reward investors massively on the upside or punish severely on the downside. 428 more words

Emerging Markets

Simon Says: Here is Big Support for Small Cap Stocks

Some say if it’s too obvious, it’s obviously wrong, but when it comes to the Russell 2000 you may ask: How could you have missed this? 385 more words

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