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Hvor er min robot?

Dokumentar. Kan ses indtil 28/10-2014 på DR

Kopieret fra DR: Danny Wallace vil gerne have en robot. Den skal gå lige som ham og tale lige som ham. 67 more words

The Robotic Metamorphosis of Gregor Samsa

According to Nature Future Conditional, a Japanese theatre is setting up a stage version of Kafka’s Metamorphosis. In this particular version of the play, the protagonists does not transform into an insect, but rather finds himself in the body of one of… 415 more words


some rare and beautiful footages

Look, Sir Arthur, living and breathing! 1927!

And this is the guitarist numerous times mentioned in my favorite Nocturnes by Kadzuo Ishiguro. I love such vivid literature illustrations :) I generally think it’s a great idea to listen to songs mentioned in the novels I like, look at the pictures, retrace the travel maps. 10 more words


How Important the Peoples Climate March Was

You may not have heard about the Peoples Climate March because, to my horror, many morning news networks did not cover the fact that 400,000 people descended on New York City yesterday morning to flip a collective shit about climate justice. 501 more words


Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro

Never Let Me Go has been described as a dystopian romance, which I like – from the perspective of the rest of the world, it seems as though it’s business as usual. 492 more words

The ten

There are different epidemics on Facebook. First there was the ice bucket challenge. Then there was the “post-a-favorite-poem” challenge. The “what-are-you-grateful-for?” Today I heard of a “post-a-picture-of-a-sunset-and-a-sunrise” one. 1,449 more words