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NFC HCE and Payment Trends

On April 17th, David Marcus, President at PayPal said, “I’ve been looking at three technologies that might truly change the retail experience as we know it.” 225 more words


Bands That Should Come Back: Isis

There is a saying that it’s best to go out on top, and in 2010, Isis did just that. Having released a great album Wavering Radiant, the guys in Isis decided to go their separate ways. 191 more words


Comparative mythology, the Christmas tree, Constantine, Early Church, Horus, Osiris

The Christmas tree is actually just an adaptation from an old Pagan celebration of the winter Solstice which the early Catholic church introduced, for the purpose of bringing in converts who were otherwise unwilling. 2,376 more words

The Narrow Path

YPG Medya Sorumlusu Polat Can: 400'den Fazla IŞİD Üyesi Öldürdük

Suriye’nin Kobanê bölgesinde son dönemde IŞİD ve YPG güçleri arasında şiddetli çatışmalar yönünde gelen haberler üzerine YPG tarafındaki durumu Medya Genel Sorumlusu Polat Can ile görüştük. 1,577 more words

Chapter 40

I observed the changing landscape through the window of the vehicle, we reached a point where in another time I would have seen Dux’s bird watching over me.  4,746 more words


Talks with the Jackal

Everyone knows Sunday was Easter. For most this means chocolate, special Easter church services, fancy clothes and misinformation about Ostara and the pagan origins of Easter. 1,372 more words

Daily Life

European Syriac Union: Democratic Autonomy Has Increased The Moral Of Our People

(ANF/STOCKHOLM) I a recent interview for ANF, Murat Kusyeri spoke with Lahdo Hobil, the president of the European Syriac Union (ESU), about the proclamation of democratic autonomy in Rojava and the role that Syriacs were playing in the revolution, the history of political violence and genocide in the region, as well as the condition of Syrian and Assyrian communities in Europe. 1,708 more words