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Miscalculated when it butchered its way to a political consensus. Their leaders demand respect, as though they are worthy. But, we will never tolerate their existence. 8 more words


ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (1:21)

It’s time for a new conspiracy theory. Ask yourselves this: how come ISIS has not attacked anything Israeli, including the oil pipeline that runs just North of the territories they control? 10 more words

Political Science

Aye or nay, Rob Ford versus cancer and the war in Iraq, revisited: This week's list

1. Scotland the Brave. By the time you read this, lassies and laddies, you’ll know if Scotland has chosen to go it alone. It will require a wee dram of courage because even the Bank of Scotland says it will move to London if the Yes side wins. 387 more words

Mayor Rob Ford

Terror Targets: Kidnapped British Journalist 'Hosts' ISIS Video

“Disturbingly creepy” is one way to describe the latest video from ISIS, the Islamic State.This one featuring kidnapped British journalist John Cantlie.


Obama thanks lawmakers for approving aid for Syria rebels

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Barack Obama thanked lawmakers for approving his request to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight ISIS, even as stood fast on his vow that there were would be no American combat troops on the ground. 871 more words


People: Handle with care

Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.  Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult.  809 more words