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Jerusalem: Don't Call It a Religious Conflict

By Rachel Shabi

20 Nov 2014

They are horrifying images of a house of prayer drenched in blood. That an ultra-orthodox synagogue in West Jerusalem was chosen for this latest, gruesome attack, in which four Jewish-Israeli men were killed by two knife-wielding Palestinians, has detonated appalling historic associations and has been widely condemned. 960 more words


There are two ways to fight ISIS: The right way, and Obama's way

An ISIS video emerged on Sunday that showed American and former Army Ranger, Peter Kassig, beheaded along with over a dozen Syrian soldiers. To date, five Westerners have been held captive, presumably tortured, used as propaganda and then brutally murdered. 781 more words


WATCH: New John Cantlie Video of ISIS Propaganda Released


ISIS released a new video showing John Cantlie, the British hostage, talking about a failed rescue attempt. He has been held by the group since 2012. 182 more words


Protestor Arrested During ISIL Hearing in Congress

Dennis Trainor, Nov 2014

This content is viewer supported: http://www.Patreon.com/AcronymTV Protestor Arrested During ISIL Hearing in Congress Code Pink activist Tighe Barry was arrested and charged with disruption…
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World At WAR

ISIS Coalition SITREP #42

Good day and welcome……this will conclude the briefings for this week…..today will be a short briefing because the prez has made his announcement on immigration and the war, the death and the destruction will just have to take a backseat…… 498 more words

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It was, as so many of them are, good. Say what you will, President Obama speaks and reads well.

And then, after a few hours, we realize that while the speech was great the action to follow is months in the offing, may very well turn out to be flawed, may never get off the planning boards. 666 more words


James Foley commemorated in memorial service at Northwestern

Donning a flack jacket and a helmet while bullets whizzed passed his head, Foley would always be “drawn to the front lines.”

Northwestern University held a memorial service for James Foley, a freelance journalist and NU alum, who dedicated his life to reporting on the violence and human suffering occurring in war zones of nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. 745 more words