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The Christmas bells that ring there, are the clanging chimes of doom

This morning when I was taking the first tentative sip of my coffee and anticipating the day ahead with the same mix of apprehension and reluctance that I feel most weekdays, two seemingly unrelated things happened. 1,409 more words


Morning Must Reads: November 26

Ferguson Protests Across the U.S.

Anger over a Missouri grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson, who shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown to death, continued to reverberate around the country on Tuesday, with protests and demonstrations from coast to coast… 490 more words


Syria, 2014: The death toll from a series of Syrian government airstrikes on the Islamic State group’s stronghold in northeastern Syria has risen to at least 95. 19 more words


26/11 Modi was browbeaten

There have been several books that have been written post 26/11. However one of the most well researched books which deals with every aspect right from the planning of the attack to the end of the trial is Fragile Frontiers:The Secret History of Mumbai Terror Attacks. 81 more words

Vicky Nanjappa

आइएस, अलकायदा के सामने आइएम-सिमी के खतरे गौण

नई दिल्ली (नीलू रंजन)। आइएस और अलकायदा की बढ़ती धमक के सामने इंडियन मुजाहिदीन, सिमी, लश्कर-ए-तैयबा और हिजबुल मुजाहिदीन जैसे छोटे आतंकी संगठनों के खतरे गौण हो गए हैं। शायद यही कारण है कि गुवाहाटी में होने वाले पुलिस महानिदेशकों के सम्मेलन के एजेंडे में नक्सली समस्या के बाद सिर्फ आइएस और अलकायदा के बढ़ते खतरे को शामिल किया गया है। 7 more words

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