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Moving toward publication

Yesterday morning, I received the epub file proof of my upcoming book, Playing in the Apocalypse. I side-loaded it onto my Nook reader and am reading the whole thing, inspecting for formatting errors. 203 more words

Platform: Dipping a Toe in Twitter's Shark-infested Waters

Don’t you love industry buzzwords? “Solution,” “brand,” “grow the company,” “face time,” and “leverage” as a verb. Twitter has a really good buzzword: “Favorite” as a  verb. 411 more words

Dog Shit Park

      I pulled across El Colegio Road for the first time in years. I had the idea to find that yellow gravel trail on the bluffs and head out toward Sands Beach. 486 more words


Deltopia is a Societal Issue: Seeking Guest Blogger

Below, you will find some excerpts from a letter written and posted on Facebook by a male University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) student. This was letter was posted immediately prior to the Deltopia riot one week ago, April 5th, in the student enclave of Isla Vista.   260 more words


'Deltopia' Melee Spurs Calls For UCSB Students To Party Less Hard

SANTA BARBARA (AP) — With streets still littered in glass and garbage cans overflowing with red cups and bottles, UC Santa Barbara students were trying to shake off a lingering hangover from an annual spring party morphed into a raucous and violent blowout. 796 more words


Braces for Kids in Isla Vista, CA

Parents often ask us at Kubisch and Ferris Orthodontics, “When is the best time for my child to get braces?”Well, orthodontic treatment can start at different ages, depending on each child’s needs. 170 more words


17-Year-Old Boy Charged With Assaulting Officer During 'Deltopia' Brawl

SANTA BARBARA (AP) — A 17-year-old boy has been charged with assault, mayhem and resisting an officer for allegedly attacking a police officer during a rock- and bottle-throwing brawl in Santa Barbara last weekend. 131 more words