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Naked Religion

Religion doesn’t need a pew, a chalice, a bead, nor an altar. Objects and symbols might not distract all followers of a creed because some see it as an assistive learning tool. 358 more words


A Little Poetry For You ..

Mahmoud Darwish (March 1941 – August 2008)

Palestinian poet 


The adolescent phase of Islam.

Just as Judaism and Christianity went through periods characterized by conquest, so, too, it can be argued that Islam is now in its violent ‘Crusader’ incarnation. 222 more words


The "Perfect Human Being": Can An Islamic Antichrist Present Himself As God And Receive Worship, Yet Remain A Servant Of 'Allah'?


2 Thessalonians 2:1-4, “Now we request you, brethren, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, that you not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a message or a letter as if from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come.  3,992 more words

Radical Islam

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One of the biggest concerns with the "Islamic Antichrist Theory" is that a Muslim Antichrist would not have the support of Muslims if he claimed to BE God. But this article (below, which I am reblogging) makes some good points. In Daniel 11:38-39 - the Antichrist honors the god of forces/fortresses - so there is at least one warlike god whom he does not put himself above - presumably, the theory assumes - Satan/Allah. Another point is that "proclaiming" himself to be God may be through the Antichrist's actions, rather than clearly stating so. Even Jesus did not clearly utter the words "I am God," He demonstrated through other actions in a way that made the people understand what He was getting at. Likewise, the coming Antichrist could fulfill prophecy and act as if being Allah's representative places him above every other (false, at least to Muslims) god, including Yahweh/Jehovah/the God of Jews and Christians - whom the Antichrist will NOT honor. I reblog this because I believe the Islamic Antichrist theory is correct and that he is coming soon.  Already here, in fact, but not yet revealed such that everyone appreciates him for what he soon will be understood to be. If interested, read  Antichrist 2016-2019

Hal Menarik tentang Hijrah dan Tahun Hijriyah yang jarang diketahui orang

1. Kalendar Syamsiah (yg berdasarkan matahari) dan Kalendar Qomariah (yg berdasarkan Bulan) sudah ada jauh sebelum masa Nabi Muhammad saw.
2. Sebelum periode Islam, orang2 Arab sudah terbiasa menggunakan bulan2 qomariah dalam kehidupan mereka. 262 more words


Happy New Islamic Year to All Muslim Readers

Dubai: 25th October 2014

The Islamic year lasts for about 354 days and consists of 12 months. Muharram is the first month and some Muslims mark the start of the Islamic year on the first day of Muharram. 50 more words