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Opinions of Arabs decreased over the past three years

Americans were outraged to learn they were being spied on by the National Security Agency, but many support law enforcement profiling of Muslims and Arabs, according to a poll released today by the Arab American Institute. 460 more words

Ryan Hite

Only In Pakistan

After spending some time in Pakistan, and seeing the society very up-close, I have come to the conclusion that midst the swelling cacophony of the rising disorder that has befallen upon Pakistanis, there still is a lot of humor embedded in many things that we may tend to ignore. 848 more words

The Enemy Speaks His Mind

Sometimes our Adversary hurls his mask on the ground and dances on it screaming with rage. In the video below you may see embodied the term toward which we ultimately tend, as things now stand, and so long as our current ideological tyrants continue to have their way. 69 more words