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The attack on the Canadian parliament yesterday gives us a glimpse of a terrifying future.

The perpetrator of the crime, which left one Canadian soldier dead and resulted in the attacker himself being killed, was a native Canadian, a 32-year-old white male who recently converted to Islam. 698 more words


Of Film, Faith and Friends

Adjusting my headscarf and smiling at the volunteer handing me a nametag, I shuffled past the beautiful garden and into the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church behind a steady stream of people. 72 more words


Najis!? Haram?!


Satu kata yang terlintas dikepala para kaum muslimin Indonesia bila disebutkan kata Anjing atau Babi didepan mereka. Saya tersenyum karena ternyata mereka paham fiqih. Ya, fiqih-nya. 821 more words


Kashmir and the Iniquitous Intentions of India: The Black Day Story - I

By:       Aasef Chauhdry

Just one telegram from the Maharaja Hari Singh and a reply by Lord Mountbatten says the whole story about the tragedy that took place on 27 October 1947, a day that is known as the Black Day among the Muslims of Indo Pak generally and the Kashmiris categorically. 1,164 more words


Hoping in Silence

“..And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion.” (3: 185)

Lately, I’ve been enjoying silence more than usual. To not hear voices and to just be quiet. 527 more words


/ politics / Lebanon: Paris Lost

The visible conflict of militant Islam vs. the rest of the world has taken center stage over the past two decades but this isn’t a recent development. 766 more words

The NUS And Islamic State: Why Islamophobia And Imperialism Shouldn't Mean Pacifism.

The National Union of Students (NUS) won’t condemn Islamic State (IS), because it would be Islamophobic to do so, despite the proposal being tendered by a student of Kurdish descent. 1,795 more words