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Jihadist in Syria says: “This is a message to Canada and all of America. We are coming and we will destroy you.”

He also says that they’re coming for Barack Obama. Imagine how Obama must feel — after all he has done for the jihadists in Syria and Islamic supremacists everywhere, they still hate him and want to kill him. 109 more words


Abu Hamza turned London mosque into base for 'global export of terror'

The extremist Islamic preacher is accused of using religion to ‘hide in plain sight in London’ at start of terrorism trial in Manhattan courtroom close to scene of 9/11 attack … 16 more words



Sadness is
A part of me.
Like flesh
And blood
And bones.

I nourish
My sadness
With hours of

A loneliness
That grips me… 58 more words



Has anyone ever told you ‘stop talking to me like am a child!’ only for you to make a mental note to reserve that tone for children? 330 more words

Matters Of The Deen

I feel sad that I am in a non-muslim country from a muslim country. But MashaAllah when I see some Muslims who has born and raised in non-muslim countries and then accepted Islam (only) after adulthood from non-muslim faith and then becomes a serious follower of Quran and Sunnah in their daily lives then all my sadness ends completely !! AlhamduliAllah !!


A Message to All Parents


Your son is in love with a non-Muslim girl and wants to marry her.

You have failed to bring him up in a manner such that the value of Shari’ah is instilled in his heart (probably why he ended up in love in the first place). 354 more words

Allah (ﷻ)