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10 questions Pakistan Army fans can’t answer

Pakistan has lost 70,000 of its people to terrorism. The figure of policemen and jawans killed stands somewhere between ten and twenty thousands. Earlier this week, Taliban launched the deadliest of all attacks of Pakistan’s… 291 more words


"Extremists have shown what frightens them most : A Girl with a Book."

Luton, a town homed to approximately 49,992 Muslims with around 15 Masjids and several “Islamic educational centres”. Muslims, followers of Islam from the root word, Salam, meaning Peace. 1,038 more words


Senator David Leyonhjelm supports citizens being able to protect themselves

Former Prime Minister John Howard comes out of mothballs to demonise gun owners yet again!

This autocrat of the Liberal Party lives in another world. This is the man who allowed Port Arthur to occur. 562 more words


The Foolishness Of The Hashtag Social Warriors

The West is losing the will to be the West. Instead, it seems we will whichever culture with the most force. For now, that’s Marxism. But as in any country wi a significant Muslim minority or a Muslim majority, it will of course be Islam. 1,258 more words


My Thoughts on Europe's Decision to Accept Terror

Once again, I am amazed at myself. I am amazed that after everything I’ve read, everything I’ve seen, everything I’ve experienced, I still get surprised by people’s stupidity. 623 more words


Media Blackout: Muslim Massacre 146 At Kid’s School Commentary

As Dahboo7 states, we know who funded and trained these people, and I’ll add to that; we know who is still setting these scumbags loose in the Middle East today. 114 more words