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Is music permitted in Islam? What about the Bukhari hadith?

Also Dr Shabir discusses the vexed question of free will and the Divine Decree


It Always Seems Impossible Until it is Done


Whatever it is you dream of doing or want to accomplish or is on your bucket but seems so impossible to you that you won’t even try, I’m telling you that it is not impossible! 298 more words


LED Day - 89

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Day of June 28th 2014

Project LED

An up-close-and-personal look at the stark difference between the compassion of Christianity and the depravity of Islam. Muslim families selling children to pedophiles for rape sessions....

by Dom the Conservative, Mad World

As Syrian civilians struggle on the streets of their war-torn cities, refugees have sought sanctuary in neighboring Lebanon. These Muslim refugees are finding that life in Islamic Lebanon is unwelcoming, leaving them in severe poverty. 390 more words

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