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What if it really wasn't 2014 in your media?

What if tomorrow’s daily paper came dated “Shaban 1435,” as the September issue of the Islamic State Report, an ISIS organ was dated? How would that change the way you view the images and articles inside? 573 more words

My journey to Hajj 2012


On our arrival into Makkah Sharif all the pilgrims were given ZamZam water, it was really hot, nice gesture shown by the Saudis. The traffic was crazy there were so many cars and buses all over the place, many hours later we arrived at our hotel, luckily it was only 5/10mins away from the Kabbah. 1,477 more words


Uthmaan bin Affan (Radiyallahu Anhu): Part 1

It is said that the lineage of Uthman and the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) coincide. Uthman’s maternal grand mother (his mother’s mother) was a sister of Rasul (Sallalahu alayhi wasalam) father, Abudulla. 265 more words


Your boyfriend is half arab? ....oh

Arab, a word that some people seem to fear and to me, it’s amusing.

Picture this, someone who I haven’t seen in a long time asks if I have a “special someone” so I start by saying “ah yes, I do, we’ve been together 6 months, he’s amazing, caring, funny, everything I could ever ask for in a partner” the friend replies “oh how wonderful, what’s his name?” “Mehmet” I say with a smile “mehmet? 205 more words


Meanwhile the Islamic State advances...

While presidents and prime ministers dither in Washington, London, Baghdad, Paris name your capital the Islamic State staged another advance and captured twenty one Kurdish villages… 290 more words


Rukun dan bacaan khutbah Jumat

Tata cara pelaksanaan shalat Jum’at, yaitu :
1. Khatib naik ke atas mimbar setelah tergelincirnya matahari (waktu dzuhur), kemudian memberi salam dan duduk.
2. Muadzin mengumandangkan adzan… 840 more words


Jihad-turistien kotiinpaluu: mitä mediamme ei sinulle kerro

Kuinka ollakkaan kotimaiset mediasuojatyöpaikkasopulimme ovat taas kerran todenneet, että mikä maailmalla tekee ISOJA lööppejä, ei ole kansanpedagogisessa mielessä hyvää kertoa suomalaisille junteille… Varsinkin nyt kun ISIS-seuramatkoilla Syriassa ja Irakissa lomailleet jihad-turstimme ovat palaamassa kotiin. 138 more words