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Farabi mulling Oscars choice

Farabi Cinema Foundation has chosen ten movies as an early step to select the Iranian choice for the 87th Academy Awards.



Is it Racist to Attack Islam?

It’s an important and relevant question.  I could start by saying Islam is a religion and ideology rather than a race, but in discussing this point that’s merely semantics.   912 more words

99 Names of Allah

What is our destiny, None of us know, But my heart is at ease knowing Allah is in control, The All Compassionate, Ar-Rahman, The Knower of All, Al’Alim, Never tell lies, He is The Hearer of All, As-Sami, Don’t do wrong, He is the Seer of All, Al-Basir, He is the generous one, Al-Kareem, The All-Merciful, Ar-Rahim, The Victorious, Al-Aziz, The Greatest, Al-Kabir, The Praised one, Al-Hamid, Oh Allah, you are the perfectly Wise, Al-Hakim, I ask for mercy, from The Forgiver, Al-Ghaffar, From The Compeller, Al-Jabbar, Because it is you who is the greatest, Al-Mutakabbir, Even after all we do you are the patient one, As-Sabur, The Loving One, Al-Wadud, I hope I can be the best Slave to You, You are The Trustee, Al-Wakil, The Possessor of All Strength Al-Qawiyy, The Protecting Friend, Al-Wali, The Supreme One, Al-Muta’ali, The Everlasting One, Al-Baqi, You will always be The First, Al-Awwal & The Last Al-Akhir… 23 more words


90,000 Dearborn Michigan 30% Muslim voted 4-3 to adopt Sharia Law. Test yourself are you predjudiced?

City in Michigan First to Fully Implement Sharia Law

<NationalReport>In a surprise weekend vote, the city council of Dearborn, Michigan voted 4-3 to became the first US city to officially implement all aspects of Sharia Law.  317 more words


Parents Should Not Compare Their Children To Others

I grew up seeing elders who keep on comparing their children to other people. There were many times when I had a talk with my friends’ parents and out of a sudden they opened up topics about whom’s kid is better or more successful, and then comparison would be there. 976 more words


Follow your heart & Empty yourself to find your Ultimate Joy

Just follow your heart. You will stumble upon millions of distractions but just follow your heart. Listen and observe and feel the attractions & distractions but at the end always follow your heart. 129 more words

Life Is Half Full