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The Museum of London: 'What Muslims Wear'

On Saturday 23rd August, the Museum of London held an event to celebrate the culmination of the Project ‘What Muslims Wear’. The project, coordinated by Halima Khatun and supported by the Arts Council England, aimed to curate outfits to represent the diverse Muslim population in London. 710 more words


Anne Aly Has Become A Target By Anti-Islamic Hate Groups

By Grant Taylor – The West Australian

As a proud and outspoken Muslim, Anne Aly has also become a target for anti-Islamic hate groups.

The Curtin University lecturer – who chooses not to wear a hijab and denounces Muslim extremists – has been bombarded with hate mail after a recent interview in which she defended Islam as a religion of peace. 94 more words


Tenth anniversary of Beslan school hostage crisis remembered in photos

As President Obama stumbles to find a strategy to deal with ISIS and Islamist extremists take over the U.S. embassy in Libya, many are taking the day to remember the horrifying Beslan school siege, which Michelle Malkin at the time rightly called… 334 more words

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Can Mary Help Us Find Peace in the World?

Today I feel compelled to write about peace and to write about Mary. Every time I try to distract myself with something else, another thought about this topic forms in my head, so I realize that this is what I am supposed to be doing with my day today. 1,125 more words

The Ka'aba (House of God)

It’s that time of year again where Pilgrims from all around the world are setting off for the journey of a lifetime: the Hajj. All year round, the heart has this desire of wanting to visit and return back to the Holy Lands; but for some reason, during the Hajj season, that yearning becomes much stronger to visit and in particular to be around the Ka’aba. 217 more words

Healing Hearts