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Moderate? Or Just Silent? Wild Bill for America

Wild Bill for America

Published on Jul 23, 2014

Bill thanks the moderate Muslims for speaking out against Islamo violence…..if there are any.

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President Obama

The Dunya is not for me.

One day I will cease to exist. I cannot wait for that day.

I’m not suicidal, I promise. It’s just that this Dunya is not for me. 480 more words


Standing with Iraq’s Christians – And All of Its Persecuted Innocents

The militant group ISIS, which began seizing control of Iraqi cities several months back, has decreed that all Christians and religious minorities in the Iraqi city of Mosul will face the death penalty unless they convert to Islam or leave the territory.  1,274 more words

Why the Left and Islam Join Together Against Israel

The Left and Islam make strange bedfellows. The former is allegedly the political philosophy of freedom, liberation, social justice, women’s (womyns) rights, LGBT rights, animal rights, and warm puppies (well, Leftists actually are more likely cat people). 663 more words

7 Facts about Operation Protective Edge

Share this video, which outlines the differences between a moral democracy defending itself, and a murderous terrorist organization.

צדקת הדרך של מדינת ישראל בפחות משתי דקות – שתפו כמה שיותר, כדי שבכל העולם יכירו את הסיפור האמיתי.