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The Real Test.


Why all the fuss? And the disappointments?
Why all the heartbreaks? And shattered dreams
And hopes for the future, crashing in mid flight
Leaving behind silence… 119 more words



Young and naïve,
she believes that he’s The One.
So far yet so close,
it’s just meant to be.

I’m incomplete, she says -
he completes me. 206 more words


5’10, fair and handsome
job in california, seems stable
good income, respectable family
a profile that is distinct
but also like every other i’ve heard of… 349 more words

New articles!

This week we have not one, not two, but three new articles! The first, “The peace of Islam explored” describes an interesting work by Mohammed Abu-Nimer that explains how Islam encourages peace. 61 more words


The Group

While relationships between the sexes are matters of personal choice for Westerners, within most Muslim communities such relationships are permitted or proscribed according to a different rationale. 179 more words