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Responding To Some Criticisims on My Post Regarding Ayaan Hirsi Ali

First off, I’m kind of surprised people actually read it. It probably had to do with Appa putting it on her FB, so thanks (I guess?) Appses. 1,127 more words


So Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the noted “Islamaphobe” (God I hate that word) was up for an honorary degree at Brandeis University. Someone who talks outside the accepted cultural norm? 823 more words



In every society and in every culture, the media plays the role of an important and major institution. Many consider the Media a teacher, since we learn from it, since we hear it every day and since it helps form our opinions, judgments and biases. 3,267 more words

The power of belief

The power of belief has been embraced by millions of people, some of whom may have seen whatever it was they believed coming to fruition.  Here’s a great example of how belief without question can be destructive.  1,943 more words

Racial Profiling

The article, Racial Profiling Is Morally Wrong and Based on False Assumptions addresses the ethical and moral issues behind racial profiling. It addresses racial profiling in general, not just racial profiling and terrorism. 121 more words

Terrorism and the Truth of Islamaphobia

The article, Islamophobia Grew Following 9/11 discusses the facts behind the rise in Islamaphobia after 9/11. While Islamaphobia was not a new sentiment, a sharp increase was seen after 9/11. 127 more words

Terrorism and the Myth of Islamaphobia

The article “False Charges of Islamophobia Are Being Used by Radical Groups to Advance Their Cause” discusses the idea of Islamaphobia and the “myth” that it has grown in recent years after 9/11. 153 more words