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Christian | Muslim, Different?

Playful, honest, accurate, DarkMatter2525 presents the coming together of two radical believers in Christian VS Muslim.


The Bigot Might Just Be Staring Back

Stephen Eric Bronner recently penned an article carried by The Daily Beast, Why Bigotry Persists. The piece holds much truth, and is a succinct account of America’s social and political state. 49 more words


Of Head Cases and Head Scarves

So there’s this:

It’s a headscarf, commonly called the hijab around here. There are a lot of different ways to wear it, and wearing it well requires more effort than I’ve ever invested. 1,461 more words

Foreign Girl

300,000,000+ Suicide Bombers? Really?

RWW News: Gabriel: Hundreds of Millions of Muslims Are Aspiring Suicide Bombers


The Story of Khubaib (ra) - Proof Muslims are NOT allowed to Kill Women and Children

By Mohammed Abdullah .

With all the horrible scenes we see today of Secular Arab Tyrants and Islamic Extremists throughout the Middle East killing innocent people in the thousands, it isn’t surprising that Non-Muslims in the west would believe that the people’s religion might have a role in these atrocities.   1,261 more words

The Muslim Perspective

Why Obama Legally has to connect the Syria Bombing with 9/11

By Mohammed Abdullah.

Last night the United States along with a team of Arab Nations began their bombing campaign against ISIS terrorists located inside Syria.  Now that would have been all fine and good, but oddly enough the Obama Administration decided to announce that they also targeted in addition to ISIS, training camps and explosives production facilities belonging to a New unheard of group called Al-Khorsan.   650 more words

The Muslim Perspective