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Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (Khalifa-tul-Masih IV) on the United Nations, Israel, and Palestine

“I ask the Muslims, Arabs, and the world: What is the use of the United Nations? The United Nations only serves the interests of the rich and powerful nations. 365 more words

'White-washed I' The Islamic Museum of Australia


On its webpage the museum declares itself a “vanguard of interactive and participatory experiences”. It calls visitors “to enter, to discover, to “unravel” and to “desypher” and yet the webpage (like the museum) only unravels a use of symbols from our multicultural dictionary: sharing, mutual, understanding, and on and on. 1,675 more words

I'm worried about #TyrantFX and I'm not the only one

Tyrant, a new drama about an Arab dictatorship, premieres this Tuesday night at 10 on FX, and has many, including me, braced. Check back for a more in-depth analysis soon. 

Feminist In The Suburbs

Islamophobia, FOX, and Other Slow Learning Curves in Media, Heritage Elsewhere.


Kevin –

Some other things I’ve read this week: Jill Lepore on innovation,Phil Plait on NASA’s budget, Mallory Ortberg on a popular series of novels, and  323 more words


No we’re not islamophobic we just watch our backs, if they get a bad press it’s their own fault!

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UK Muslims

Newsnight Special: Should Muslims Be Embarrassed Of Sharia?

This week saw another episode of BBC’s newsnight programme questioning and scrutinising islam. Newsnight has been leading the way on behalf of the BBC to undermine islam in recent years it seems. 484 more words