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How Islamic Art Can Influence Game Design @ Kotaku UK

Kotaku UK has just launched, and I’m lucky enough to have contributed! I wrote a feature about how Islamic art can influence video game design. You can read it here.

Videogame Features

Storytelling through murals - Senegal!

There is something fascinating in murals and urban street art in general. I think it is the unusual mix of colours and graphics or just a story that is told behind the mural that simply catches my eye every time :) Whether it is a piece of art, form of visual narration or just funny painting, it gives me the impression that creativity is what we sometimes need around us. 70 more words

Christie’s sale shows keen appetite for Islamic and Indian art

The results of last week’s Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds sale at Christie’s King Street saleroom in London demonstrate renewed strength in the market for Islamic and Indian art. 202 more words

Auctions & Shows

Kings & Pawns: Board Games From India to Spain

The life size chess figures really are life size. And they’re alive too!

The black and white human pieces stand at stoic attention and stare vacantly until the chess master calls a move, in which case, the appropriate chess piece walks to the respective square to make a strategic move in the popular board game. 627 more words

Kate Toledo: taking a piece of art home

Kate Toledo is a Dubai-based artist, recently exhibiting her work at Dubai’s 2014 Art Beat night, showcasing four paintings from her 2012 collection, Reflections of Islamic Splendour… 1,017 more words


10 things we loved about KL

1. Getting lost in the neighborhood of Kampung Baru with its air of little village in the middle of highways and high towers.

2. The Petronas towers, thinking back of Mission Impossible while looking up at this modern architectural masterpiece… 169 more words