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The Muslim Woman’s Struggle: Diversity in Feminism Part I

Written by Saadia Haq, an author of The Human Lens, and Muslim Feminist. Co-authored by Islamwich’s writer Theresa Corbin

I find it very enlightening when Non-Muslims are frequently shocked at my ability to laugh loud, shout in public protests and say outlandish things, and be who I really am – Pakistani feminist Saadia Haq… 1,456 more words

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The Muslim Woman's Struggle: Diversity in Feminism Part II

Written by Theresa Corbin, co-authored by Saadia Haq

A Voice from the West

Recently I have gotten a lot of heat for identifying as feminist and a Muslim. 1,479 more words

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Feminist critique and Islamic feminism: the question of intersectionality


  Since its inception, mainstream Western feminism has constituted a site of exclusion on multiple fronts, a consequence of first-wave feminist assumptions that have continued to influence mainstream feminism. 234 more words