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Gender Questions

My last blog post led to a lively facebook debate about Islamic remedies to the oppression of women. Two topics, in particular, seemed to preoccupy us as we discussed: 458 more words

Islamic Feminism

Curiosity #57: Satan as the Third Wheel

In the United States, I rarely think of Satan. When I do, I think of Him as a representation of everything human: of hunger, lust. Jealousy, passion, greed. 1,562 more words

Turkish Feminism - Fatma Aliye in the Late Ottoman Empire

“Knowledge is one of the benefits which the very magnificent God, the possessor of knowledge and superiority, granted to his slaves all together both men and women.”     Fatma Aliye… 1,361 more words


'Harmless' sexism- a timeline of Abu Eesa controversy for those who still don't get it

This post is directed mainly at those who do not see any sexism and misogyny behind Sheikh Abu Eesa’s original tweets, and worse, his belligerent unapologetic followups. 1,579 more words

Abu Eesa

There is no word for feminist in my language

My mother doesn’t know she is a feminist. My grandmother doesn’t know she is a feminist. My aunt, my cousins, my friends don’t know they are feminists. 585 more words


'And the male is not like the female': Reading Gender Justice in the Qur'an

Watch the video above to hear Saadia’s lecture presentation on feminist interpretations of the Qur’an, particularly in the English-speaking world.  This lecture was part of the “And They Spake These Word…Women’s Voices in Religion” series at Duke University’s Women’s Center, February 20th, 2014.