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Feminism and Islam

by Jenna McDaniel

Those who persist in analyzing Feminism through a Western lens often consider the Muslim faith and feminist values incompatible. Much anti-feminist sentiment regarding Islam has focused unreasonably on the custom of veiling. 675 more words

Internationally renowned speaker lectures on campus

Allison Stalberg, Staff Writer
November 7, 2014

“Raise your hands if you’ve heard Islamic feminists are an oxymoron.”

These were the opening words of internationally renowned Islamic feminist Amina Wadud’s lecture. 647 more words

As A Muslim Feminist

I have been a feminist ever since I began to engage with patriarchy as a conscious human being. That was also the same time when I realized that I was not the only woman struggling for space to breathe in a misogynistic world that strives to suck out every spirit of being from women, from people of color, from “minorities.” This started in my late teenage years when I began noting gendered double standards in the way that the community I was being raised in dealt with issues of gender and sexuality. 1,355 more words


An American Muslim Feminist's CNN Experience

I’m a feminist, and I converted to Islam” by Theresa Corbin was published in CNN OPINION on October 14, 2014. In the hours that followed, some three hundred people hailing from inside America itself and abroad joined in the discussion and comment boards. 1,612 more words

Gender And Women Issues

Can Islamic Feminism Succeed?

Muslim. American. Iranian.

Ever since I was a young girl, I have sought to reconcile these seemingly conflicting identities. As I grew older, I realized that the hardest identity to reconcile was the one I had actually overlooked. 376 more words


The Muslim Woman’s Struggle: Diversity in Feminism Part I

Written by Saadia Haq, an author of The Human Lens, and Muslim Feminist. Co-authored by Islamwich’s writer Theresa Corbin

I find it very enlightening when Non-Muslims are frequently shocked at my ability to laugh loud, shout in public protests and say outlandish things, and be who I really am – Pakistani feminist Saadia Haq… 1,456 more words

Gender And Women Issues

The Muslim Woman's Struggle: Diversity in Feminism Part II

Part I here

Written by Theresa Corbin, co-authored by Saadia Haq

A Voice from the West

Recently I have gotten a lot of heat for identifying as feminist and a Muslim. 1,479 more words

Stuff By Theresa Corbin