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Shariah Study Lures Non Muslim Students in Asia: Islamic Finance

Demand for Islamic finance training from non-Muslims rose more than fourfold in the past seven years as students seek to enter an industry whose assets are set to double to $3.4 trillion by 2018. 694 more words


FAAIF Releases Mission Statement in London, UK

FAAIF expresses vision for its Islamic finance and banking and legal consultancy in the United Kingdom.

London, UK, August 15, 2014(PressReleaseCircle) — FAAIF, the Franco-American Alliance for Islamic Finance promotes the spread of knowledge of a unique financial system, which promotes people over profit, preservation of the environment, world peace, the equal spread of wealth amongst society, protection of society’s vulnerable, harmony of family and community relationships, tolerance among people of different ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds, social justice, a chance for the poor, the small to medium businessman and woman, and a functioning distributive economy where gain outweighs loss. 302 more words


Interest Towards Europe As Center of Islamic Finance

An interesting development during the International Chambers Commerce Banking Commission in Dubai last April was the inclusion of several sessions on Islamic finance. The topics were mainly on potential, innovations and insights into Islamic trade finance. 756 more words

Islamic Finance

Islamic Securities: Haram and Halal Earnings

The Islamic capital market sphere is supervised by the Securities Commission Malaysia as the governing authority. There are currently approximately665 listed securities as Shariah compliant (as at 30/05/2014). 752 more words

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Islamic Finance for the Common Man - Part 2 - What's Financial Crises?

You’ve all heard about the recent financial crises and the way it impacted the whole world. But do you really know the term? what exactly was financial crises and how you, an everyday man, were impacted due to it? 1,080 more words

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Islamic Finance for the Common Man - Part 1 - Is there really such a thing as an "Islamic Bank"?

Islam has, amongst other things, given us a framework for financial management and services. Such is the magnitude of Islamic Sharia’s guidance on financial management that a new branch of banking known as “Islamic banking” has sprung up and growing abound. 762 more words

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