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Islamic Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin for Islamic Finance

I am personally highly dubious of any thought of assessing Bitcoin or any crypto-currency as sharia compliant.  76 more words

Fiat Money

Equity based vs Debt based financing - part 1

The core of Islamic finance is based on equity based instruments (Mudaraba, Musharaka etc. ) and not debt based financing (Murabaha, Ijara etc.) as the debt based instruments were introduced as a temporary measure for IFIs transition to core principles of Islamic finance business and not to be used as primary instruments by IFIs to compete with their conventional counterparts. 1,505 more words

Islamic Finance

South Korea Strives to Enter Global Islamic Finance and Halal Market

South Korea is a rising sun on the Islamic finance horizon.

Dubai, UAE, December 16, 2014(PressReleaseCircle) — FAAIF CEO Camille Paldi participates in WIEF Roundtable in Pyeongchang, South Korea. 543 more words


The Case of profit paid by Islamic institution to investors

One of the common doubts people generally have towards Islamic finance is the issue of profit paid by the Islamic Financial Institutions (IFI’s) to investors. Simply put, if IFI’s are different from conventional banks, how come: 751 more words

Islamic Finance

Financing Contracts - Islamic Banking

Since Islamic Banking can be rather complex, Sharia principles are governed by Islamic experts or ‘Ulama’. It is always essential to obtain the approval of the Sharia advisor of the bank on the forms of the financing contracts, in order to ensure their compliance with the principles of Islamic Sharia. 563 more words

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Islamic Finance | Basic Principles

Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion, a process of growth that does not affect only the traditional Islamic countries, namely those located in Northern Africa and Middle East, but also other countries in every continent. 778 more words

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