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A Clash of Civilizations

In a gesture evocative of Berlin in the 30’s, a young Palestinian boy, effecting a Heil Hamas salute, bellowed his rage at “Israeli State Terror”. The backdrop was Big Ben, but the scene was replicated elsewhere on the continent. 42 more words


West Completely Ignores Massaker Of Christians and Assyrians In Syria

The article about the massaker of Christians in Syria posted below was published in November 2013. Nothing has changed since that moment. And while the world is talking about MH17, the Ukraine, ISIS and the Middle East, the massaker of Christians in Syria is silently going on, and nobody talks about it. 1,839 more words

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'Mosul's Last Christians Flee Iraq's Hoped-For Christian Stronghold' - Christianity Today

There are no Christians left in Iraq’s second-largest city Mosul, across the river from the ruins of Jonah’s Nineveh, after an ultimatum over the weekend left them with three choices: convert to Islam, pay¬† 469 more words

Persecuted Church


Beauty and of late, moral clarity, is in the eye of the beholder. In a column by Charles Krauthammer “Perfect moral clarity in Gaza”, he writes of the “Orwellian state of the world’s treatment of Israel”, a mix of hatred, ignorance and misplaced sympathy for the Palestinian that confounds reason and denies reality. 59 more words

Political Correctness

Peace Be Upon You

Nicholas Kristof, a NYT stalwart, girded his politically correct loins and “waded into a sensitive area”, writing an OP-ED about religious intolerance. In acknowledging a “human rights catastrophe” affecting millions; who are being punished, persecuted and murdered for their beliefs; Kristof understood how this kind of PR might tarnish the reputation of the Religion of Peace. 116 more words

Political Correctness

Muslims worldwide concerned about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism

Though the extremist militant group known as ISIS has declared a restoration of the Islamic Caliphate and issued a call for all Muslims to pledge their allegiance to it, a recent Pew survey shows that most people living in Muslim majority countries are concerned about the threat of Islamic extremism in their nations. 612 more words

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Iraq forces likely need help to regain territory: US

Washington (AFP) – The US military’s top officer said Thursday that Iraqi forces had shored up their defenses around Baghdad but would need outside help to eventually regain territory lost to Sunni militants. 675 more words