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Towel Tax

“Our superior culture is in danger. Everywhere around us people are threatened by Islam. We must put a stop to this backward culture. Islam should become less visible in our society. 377 more words


What Is Capitalism?

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”Winston Churchill… 700 more words

Jihad for Dummies

The “War on Terror”, as politically incorrect a term as it is imprecise, unfortunately impugns the religion of Islam. To ameliorate this wrong, the Edward R. 80 more words

Political Correctness

Merely Academic

An intended recipient of an honorary degree from Brandeis was informed that the university had reconsidered. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, “a campaigner for women’s rights”, from the violent oppressions of Islam, had in the past made statements that were ‘inconsistent with the schools core values’. 58 more words


Islamic Fundamentalism Simplified

Before I give you the simplified explanation of what Islamic fundamentalism is, let me tell you what it is not:

Islamic Fundamentalism

Oy Vey

The government of Saudi Arabia has issued new laws equating the “crimes” of terrorism and atheism. This seems a rather cruel and unusual application of theocratic prerogative. 53 more words


Exploring "Fundamentalism" In Europe

From a recent article  I wrote for Aslan Media:

In January, Erik Voeten, on the Washington Post, posted the findings of a recently-published survey in a piece entitled, “How widespread is Islamic Fundamentalism in Europe?” The study in question compares not only the religious “fundamentalism” of Muslims and Christians, but also their hostility toward out-groups.

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