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Muslim Brotherhood Beliefs Justify Radicals: Former Islamic Jihad Leader

Former leader of an Islamist group active in Egypt since the late 1970’s said that the radical Islam promoted by members of the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Egypt are simply a justification for extremist acts. 287 more words

Sydney's Lesson: The Mutant Jihadists are coming

History News Network, By Walid A. Phares, Dec 15, 2014:

The jihadi hostage taker of Sydney has been mutating from one state of mind to another over the years. 738 more words

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Need For Increased Vigilance as IS Inspired Attacks Continue to Target Westerners in the Middle East

CSP, By Matt Bauer, December 4, 2014:

As the U.S. and coalition forces continue to conduct airstrikes against the Islamic State, an alarming trend of increasing violence towards westerners is occurring in the Middle East. 630 more words

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The Maldives and Syria Connection: Jihad in Paradise?

The Maldives-Syria Connection: Jihad in Paradise?

Publication: Terrorism Monitor Volume: 12 Issue: 22

By: Animesh Roul

The Jamestown Foundation

The Maldives, the Muslim-majority archipelago country in the Indian Ocean, is going through a tumultuous time, facing increasing Islamist activities at home, an exodus of radicalized youth to join the jihad in Syria and a growing domestic clamor for the implementation of Shari’a law. 1,346 more words