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Muslim teen wielding a gun storm Dutch TV station and threaten to set off bombs

Dramatic moment police arrest teenage ‘hacker’ gunman who stormed Dutch TV station demanding to be put on air 

  • Cameras rolled as armed police stormed the studio to arrest the suspect…
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Muslims WorldWide

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It seems there are no end to these Muslim gone wild situations, it must be something they drink ... lol

God's decree

Allah’s plans work in amazing ways 😭❤️ things you would never expect in your life to happen, does happen. Allah continues giving and forgiving and we keep getting and forgetting. 😢😔

السوق الخيري لحملة الياسمين لمركز ساعد اخاك المسلم

حضرت قبل يومين السوق الخيري للجنة ساعد اخاك المسلم

تحت شعار حملة الياسمين لتعليم اطفال لاجئي الشام

وكان ريع السوق كله لتعليم اطفال الشام

السوق كان مدته يوم واحد في مقرهم بالسره وهذي بعض البوثات المشاركة



كل الشكر عالدعوة


jigsaw of cultures

The article, Veiling Among Muslim Women, is about the hurdles and difficulties these women face dealing with  Islamophobia. Every day these women and girls go through stereotypical issues pressed upon by American culture. 844 more words

#WhoisMuhammad ? - The Qur'an Project (quranproject.org)

The Qur’an Project Newspaper Campaign has begun!!!

Alhamdulillah, the nationwide newspaper campaign promoting Prophet Muhammad (saw) has started.

This is the first of the newspaper adverts in Croydon Guardian, London which will be followed by many others which are also booked inshaAllah. 71 more words