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African Strife: The Never Ending Story

Hello to the few and the brave and the patient, after three months I return with a wealth of content to discuss: starting with Africa. 566 more words

Human Rights

Trojan Horse (again)

This week Trojan Horsegate has been in the news again and far from setting the story straight on what was going on in 6 schools in Birmingham, there is still confusion. 624 more words

The Guardian now recognises the truth of 'Trojan Horse'! Will the NUT and SWP follow?

The SWP/NUT/Guardian “line” on Islamist influence on Birmingham schools – that it’s all an “islamophobic” campaign – is no longer tenable.

Even Rick Hatcher of… 637 more words

Champagne Charlie


This is the full version of my essay on the so-called ‘ Trojan Horse’ controversy, first published in the New York Times last month under the headline… 1,117 more words


Religious Cleansing in Iraq: Socialists Declare for 'Democratic, Secular' Alternative.

Islamists Force Christians to Leave Mosul. 

BAGHDAD (New York Times) — By 1 p.m. on Friday almost every Christian in Mosul had heard the Sunni militants’ message — they had until noon Saturday to leave the city.

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Clarke, Gove and Wilshaw: Singing off the Same Neocon Hymn-Sheet

Wait, another leaked document?! And this of a report written by a former counter-terrorism chief? With someone with skills in the counter-terrorism profession, who works as an… 1,050 more words

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Palestine occupied by Islamism as much as Israel, commentary from a pro-Israel Muslim physician

Wikipedia entry for Qanta Ahmed, author of this article : 

Holding pro-Israeli views, Ahmed is accused by her critics of being a “Zionist in a Muslim guise”. 529 more words

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