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Hamas is winning

* This is an article for The Columnist. I’m revisiting points I made in an earlier blog post. No apologies for repeating myself as this is for a wider audience, and this blog is read by only two people… and one of them is me. 104 more words

World Affairs

cherchez the telepreacher !

The young and cocky telepreacher stood with a teacher cane in hand next to a row of female mannequins wearing what has become the Islamic dress de rigeur for women in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East: trousers under a skirt or a long dress with a colourful headscarf (or hijab) covering the hair. 709 more words


Support Christians of Iraq against Persecution.

There are many causes worth supporting at the moment.

The appeal to stop Israel’s actions in Gaza is one.

But this is of utmost urgency as well. 218 more words

European Left

If Moslems don’t want people to get shot, then don’t start shooting at people

Israeli rockets take out Hamas rocket launchers located near hospitals and schools and shielded by women and children.  Hamas rejected a cease-fire before Israeli counter-attacks, and Moslems are crying “murder” to the world. 467 more words


25,000 Demonstrate Peacefully for Gaza in Paris.

Picture from L’Humanité.

Pro-Palestinian protesters took to the streets of Paris once more on Wednesday to march against Israel’s military assault on the Gaza Strip, the first authorised demonstration since a July 13 rally ended in clashes. 814 more words

French Left

Of Metal Detectors and Failed Policies

Secretary of State John Kerry was subjected to a metal detector before seeing the Egyptian President and military dictator General Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi on Wednesday, just like any schlub trying to pay a parking ticket at Wichita City Hall. 972 more words


B.C. man who went to Syria becomes the first charged with terrorism under new Canadian law

A British Columbia man accused of traveling to Syria to join an armed Islamist group was allegedly on a no-fly list but evaded counter-terrorism authorities by assuming a false identity, according to those familiar with the case. 891 more words