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Turkey you punk ass bitches....

I have held Turkey in high esteem for some time now but that has come to a crushing halt now. The loathsome bastards are literally taking a front row seat to the ISIL assault on Kobane,Syria in a war they have been nothing but talk and bullshit on. 241 more words

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Andrew McCarthy is an idiot

Saw a National Review red meat Obama bash piece by McCarthy and was blown away by how shallow and scummy my right of center brethren are. 308 more words

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Turkey & ISIL Updates

So Turkey has their people back from ISIL. Forty-nine Turks had been held hostage by ISIL after being taken from the Turkish Consulate in Mosul. 101 days later Ankara is hailing the great efforts of its intelligence wing on getting the hostages back. 269 more words

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Holy Crap I've just earned the biggest Obama Pail evah!

The Overarching Topic

I _________________ just hate Barack Hussein Obama and no matter what if there is one shred of red meat I can nibble on and spit out at him and his in utter disgust and indignation it shall be done. 1,202 more words

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