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Olegstradamus - The Summer Vacation Quatrains

Peer through the haze of the Lucky Strikes and behold the future!


Recap: Rizzoli and Isles Ep. 5.06 Knockout

by L.T. Milroy

What stands out in this week’s episode? Well, there’s Skyping, lots of Skyping. Susie is around a lot, and she’s being goofy and nerdy like a certain other inhabitant of the ME’s office. 2,869 more words

On Alternate Universes

Don’t run off to quickly on this one, but I’ve been watching the Rizzoli and Isles TV show a lot recently and it’s left me thinking about the differences and similarities in the characters.  523 more words


The New York Islanders Do Not Have A Nationally Broadcast Game

NBC did not schedule the New York Islanders to appear on either NBC or NBCSN during the 2014-15 season. Many are surprised and speculative. Unfortunately, this isn’t a new reaction.


Recap: Rizzoli and Isles Ep. 5.05 The Best Laid Plans

by L.T. Milroy

So, exactly how pregnant is Jane supposed to be? Because here we are in episode 5, and she isn’t even showing yet. And she’s still wearing all her regular clothes. 3,112 more words

Three Stripes

Innocuous : not likely to bother or offend anyone; causing no injury

That’s the Merriam-Webster definition. Many times in life we encounter changes or explanations which can be described this way.

611 more words

ECGA Members at the Isles Gardens

Pictures of our recent Isles Tour led by Dave Byers, Green Team member, Master Gardener, retired landscape architect, and Isles volunteer and Jim Simon, Program Manager of Urban Agriculture for Isles. 49 more words

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