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Stand up all you dreamers!

Stand up, stand up
Stand up all you dreamers
- “Wake Up” All Sons and Daughters Live Album

What are your dreams?

If you had a best case scenario and no barriers or boundaries, what would you do with your life? 266 more words

Missions School


I ate a whole pizza last night. And it wasn’t one of those pizzas on gluten free-crust and topped with asparagus—the kind that is the standard in a city like Los Angeles, where everyone is health-crazed—it was a real pizza covered in meat from an eclectic mix of animals, the kind that drips with guilty grease before each bite. 752 more words



This is Love.  This is freedom.  Undeserved.  Unearned.

This Easter may we all thank the One whose unbelievable sacrifice breathed life into our dead, lifeless souls and set us free once and for all. 12 more words

Missions School

Balandžio 1-oji – projekto pristatymas be pokštų

Daugeliui pirmoji kiekvieno balandžio diena asocijuojasi su pokštais, linksmybėmis ir įvairaus plauko apgavystėmis. Bet ne mūsų komandai ir svečiams – personalo paieškos ir atrankos agentūrų specialistams. 25 more words

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FINI - Spain

Not really big novelties this year for this Spanish company, with branch in Brazil.

Last year I mentioned very nice gum balls resembling tennis balls. They were in yellow (tradition color for a real tennis ball) and pink. 17 more words

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LUTTI - France

Last year I mentioned (and posted pictures)  the Tube gum and the Tape gum that this French company is producing but here you have the spaghetti gum, with the brand “Bubblizz” which has fizzy effect.

Market & Fairs