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Smearing while shooting high ISO jpegs on Fuji X100?

The trees do not grow into heaven.
Even when we speak of the legendary Fuji FinePix X100.

Today I want to write a bit about the widely known but also widely disputed fact that the Fuji X100′s high ISO jpegs are being smeared heavily by the in-camera raw conversion process. 525 more words

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I’M VERY ACCUSTOMED TO BEING STOPPED IN MY TRACKS AT A PHOTOGRAPH THAT EVOKES A BYGONE ERA: we’ve all rifled through archives and been astounded by a vintage image that, all by itself, recovers a lost time. 424 more words


Day 2: To P or not to P

Today’s Missing Pages article from photo.net was all about the ‘P’ button. And please excuse the awful pun, I just couldn’t resist.

Confession time. When I woke up and read this lesson, I was in two minds if I should skip this lesson. 302 more words


About IQMS

IQMS is the largest quality management consulting organizations which offers a wide range of consulting services like ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000 & ISO 22000 HACCP Certification, CMMI, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, 5S Implementation, Toyota Production System. 136 more words

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about Startups and Entrepreneurship

Everyone hears about the good things about startups – both as a founder or working in any capacity in one.  Yes – if you hit the right team and the timing is right, one can hit unexpected riches. 819 more words


The start of the journey...

Let me introduce you to ‘Henry’. He is my first experiment in moving away from auto everything or the “P” button on Horace. I have been reading the… 188 more words


Higher and Lower Sensitivity...

For the next part of this module, it started to look at the camera’s sensitivity to light and the camera’s ISO settings.

I had to pick a couple of scenes where I had the shutter speed quick enough so I didn’t have to use a tripod, I was recommended to use something around 1/125 Sec. 353 more words