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Your ISO formally known as ASA, controls the sensitivity of your image the higher you go the more sensitive the light is on your image however it causes grain/noise but technology are getting better and producing less grain/noise on your image. 6 more words


Revision Measures in Motion for ISO 9001 Standard with 2015 Deadline

One of the biggest modifications to the present ISO 9001 standard is the addition of the Annex SL, which will provide a consistent structure containing 10 clauses as well as common definitions and terms to be applied across all ISO Management System Standards (MSS). 100 more words

My First Blog

Write a blog? Seriously? I can barely write a grocery list.

My husband has been writing a blog for our company for years now. He didn’t start this because he is secretly Ernest Hemmingways’s long lost relation that has to share his passion for writing. 836 more words

Springs From A Manager's Point Of View

Eurofest Fireworks 2014

I jumped at another opportunity so soon after my last fireworks shoot to have another go. After couple of weeks delay due to weather we had a good clear night and the fireworks went up on time. 66 more words

Night Photography

What is ISO Certification Means For ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certification (pdf - ppt) Servies Provider Company - URSINDIA

ISO is stands for international organization for Standardization are the worldwide organization that focuses on promoting of standards in businesses developments. Our company is additionally a non-governmental entity that bridges the gap between the overall public and private sectors of a countries economy. 349 more words


El flujo de valor

Si entendemos como valor aquello que nuestro cliente aprecia en mayor medida, nuestro producto o servicio deberá maximizarlo. El proceso de hallar este valor incluirá una investigación del carácter de nuestro cliente. 315 more words


Today I learned about shutter speeds, and how to manipulate it. My chosen subject was cars, for one of the shots i had to pan with the car to let the car remain sharp and streak out the background to do this i had to make the shutter slower, i chose 1/3 of a second with a large f-stop. 56 more words