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A Summation of Sorts

In conjunction with my last post (somewhat), I’ve lately been thinking about isolation and its impact on the human psyche.  Often times, those who are kept from human contact are looked down upon; feelings of pity inevitably ensue.   63 more words

Churches in England reach 1 in 6 of the population through caring activities

A report published last month seems to have slipped under the radar for many media outlets. One might ask why, when it suggests that the Church in England (i.e. 428 more words

Ghost Lover

Chill softness on my face,
the touch of a ghost lover
who comes and leaves
all of a morning,
a mourning.

She throws her veil… 101 more words


Social Isolation

I have been recently searching through various articles, blogs, and videos to get a general sense of the biggest challenge having a hearing loss entails. From personal experience, the answer is easy: the challenge of social isolation and adapting to the world around us.  1,727 more words


Adapting to reality – 1. Denial and Isolation

“If you fight with all your might, there is a chance of life; whereas death is certain if you cling to your corner.” – Sun Tzu ‘The Art of War’ 625 more words


Are we there yet?

Francis Woodhouse is a postdoc at The University of Western Australia.

Born and bred in England, he did a bunch of degrees at the University of Cambridge—first a bachelor’s and a master’s in Mathematics and then a doctorate in Mathematical Biology—before moving out to Perth. 1,153 more words

Research Culture

The Empty Void - Loneliness

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