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is it just me?

Depression, Anxiety, ADD, PTSD, Anemia.

God i hate self diagnosing but at least it gives me something better to do with my time than what i was doing before, and in a way, this blog is a sort of productive thing for me (Hey, i know i’m not revising for that Biology and Geography mock tomorrow but it’s better than contemplating ways you could kill yourself whilst convincing people you’re a perfectly well and good teen; if there is such thing as a perfectly well and good teen- sometimes i’m not so sure). 951 more words



This is a train
         with wheels.

            All tearing through
                           my heart.
                             The whistle sounds
                                            at night.

                                             But no one rides
                                                        this train.


Update #8

Update #8 seems to be heading in a more personal direction.

I had thought about making this Update a reminiscence¬†of the various cruelties April has thrown at me over the years (pollen; lots of research and work; borderline insanity), and of writing about the upcoming “one-year anniversary” of the end of¬†my final semester of graduate school. 1,099 more words



gathered with friends
a sense of belonging
alone with myself


Feeling Lonely vs. Being Alone

Feeling lonely and being alone.

There is a fine line that separates feeling lonely and being alone, but many people do not see the difference between the two. 432 more words

These Walls

At once a womb and a prison,
What the fuck are these walls
That I have been given
And with which I have been surrounded?


Going to ground

Time is creeping on….

I’ve made a vow to myself to tie myself into writing for the next several months, stay focused, try to avoid distractions. 541 more words