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Immigration or Migration?

Here is more on my concern for America…

Today I am sharing an outstanding six-minute video exposing a myth about immigration. Do you remember the term “bleeding heart liberal”? 198 more words

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Concern for America

Today’s post is simple. I am concerned for America. A story broke this week that raises a major question on the direction of this present Administration. 413 more words

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What War? Christian Zionists Help

What War? Christian Zionists Help Israeli Farmers in Tough Times Despite the ongoing war with Hamas, 500 ‘HaYovel’ volunteers from across the globe to volunteer on Israeli farms this summer.  154 more words

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The Ironic Genocidal Islamist Name Game

One goal of the enemy coalition in Psalm 83 (overview) is to cause the name of Israel to be forgotten. This is quite ironic. 315 more words

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What is the Goal of Hamas?

genocide  (jĕnˈə-sīdˌ) noun The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group. (definition)

Here is a quote from the Preamble to the… 463 more words

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Israel is One

There is an old saying that if you have two Israelis, you will have three opinions. That is normally true for the feisty new nation. However, the Gaza War has united Israel like few have seen before. 150 more words

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Miracle in Gaza: Bullet Embeds in Grenade

An Israeli soldier is alive today thanks to the “miracle” grenade which saved his life in Gaza.

Israel’s Channel 2 News reported that a bullet fired by a Palestinian militant shooting an AK-47 missed the soldier’s body, instead slamming into a hand grenade in one of his pockets.  370 more words

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