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Miracle in Gaza: Bullet Embeds in Grenade

An Israeli soldier is alive today thanks to the “miracle” grenade which saved his life in Gaza.

Israel’s Channel 2 News reported that a bullet fired by a Palestinian militant shooting an AK-47 missed the soldier’s body, instead slamming into a hand grenade in one of his pockets.  370 more words

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The Hamas Mouse that Roared

France to Give $14.8 Million to Gaza

Aid money, following $47 million US aid package, to go to Gaza – despite the risk it will end up in Hamas’s coffers. 392 more words

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Despite Rockets, Jews Return to Israel from the Nations

More than one thousand Jews have immigrated to Israel since the Gaza war started sixteen days ago. In fact, the number is at least 1,128 new Israelis. 664 more words

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Gaza Inconvenient Truths

While watching and praying for Israel this week I have discovered three little known truths about Gaza. They are inconvenient because they do not fit the media narrative. 369 more words

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Hamas Killing Gazans

Fact: Since July 8, 100 rockets fired from Gaza have fallen within Gaza. Hamas fires from civilian areas…and hits its own people. IDF ‏@IDFSpokesperson  7-15-14… 456 more words

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Hamas Safe Houses in Gaza

Sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words. How about four pictures and four videos? Please view the full-page on this subject: Hamas Caught Using Human Shields in Gaza… 233 more words

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30 Rockets in Ten Minutes

Hamas lets rockets fly against Israel, with 150 rockets fired through Sunday and another 100 falling today, as Hamas ramps up attacks on Israel’s south. 427 more words

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