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Ο πιο φλογερός χορευτής φλαμένκο έρχεται στην Αθήνα

Πώς μπορεί το φλαμένκο να μιλήσει για την εξολόθρευση των τσιγγάνων από τους Ναζί; Μετά το Sadler’s Wells του Λονδίνου, ο διεθνούς φήμης χορευτής και χορογράφος από τη Σεβίλλη, Israel Galván έρχεται να απογειώσει το φλαμένκo και το αθηναϊκό κοινό. 16 more words


Rocío Molina's world

If the Flamenco Festival is anything to go by, flamenco seems to be entering a period of highly original, personal, even eccentric reinterpretations. A week ago, I… 280 more words

Israel Galván

La Edad de Oro

Reviewed March 18, 2014

NAC Theatre, Ottawa

Flamenco is the voice of the soul. Culturally hundreds of years old, it’s an art form that has passed down through the ages, allowing each new artist/performer to stamp it with his or her own individuality. 459 more words


Cubist Flamenco

Last night I saw Israel Galván in his solo show La Curva.He’s a remarkable dancer, quick and impish and completely in his own world. 60 more words

Countdown to Israel Galvan

The long wait is almost over. In exactly one week Israel Galvan will present La Edad de Oro at the NAC in Ottawa.

While I could seek out a clip of Edad de Oro to feature, I prefer to highlight this brief, informal moment: 6 more words

Flamenco Dancers

Vancouver International Dance Festival 2014

For the past 14 seasons, the Vancouver International Dance Festival has presented works by contemporary local, national and international dance artists. Presenters Jay Hirabayashi and Barbara Bourget of Kokoro Dance have assembled an exceptionally varied programme once again this year. 388 more words


Philadelphia Flamenco Festival Returns

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia’s all-female flamenco dance company kicked off its second bi-annual Flamenco Festival on Saturday.

It’s strong, it’s expressive, it’s passion personified, it’s tradition meets modern day culture. 130 more words