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Defunding Palestine

For years, Israel has acted as a brake on efforts by pro-Israel members of Congress to cut off aid to Palestine during periodic flare-ups between Arabs and Jews. 919 more words


Andrew Sullivan: free speech martyr

A few years ago, blogger Andrew Sullivan performed a sudden about-face on Israel-Palestine. Once a devoted champion of Israel, he became its harsh critic. 910 more words


"Colorblindness", the Left, and Antisemitism

A number of scholars of racism have contended that the dominant form of racist ideology today is “colorblindness” or “colorblind racism.” In “colorblind” discourse, one avoids explicitly discussing racial groups or making sweeping essentialist statements. 1,156 more words


American 'Moral Bankruptcy' and Israel Policy

Harvard University Professor Stephen Walt published an essay on 22 July in The Huffington Post titled, “AIPAC Is the Only Explanation for America’s Morally Bankrupt Israel Policy.” The piece focuses on how much the U.S. 4,187 more words